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Human Behavior Courses

Learn about human behavior with edX's online human behavior courses today!

Why study human behavior?

Social sciences help us discover more about ourselves as individuals and as a community. We know that good mental health can alleviate some measure of social ills, and the well-being of people is an important part of ensuring a good standard of living. Human development may be full of twists and turns, but we can discover more about human life once we understand human behavior.

Individual differences, social status, even the latest research in neuroscience all help fill in gaps in the study of human behavior. Understanding social behavior is essential in global health and health care.

Learn about human behavior

The edX platform offers courses designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. Students learn with a global cohort of like-minded peers and can complete coursework on their own schedule. Many of the courses are available for free for students to explore and grow.

Learners who need official credit may also purchase course certificates to pass on to other schools or employers. edX offers single courses, certificates, and even full degrees or micro-degrees with more options added regularly.

Human behavior courses and certificates

DoaneX offers a course in Abnormal Psychology for students who want to push the boundaries of human behavior studies. Another option is Fundamentals of Psychology, an introduction to psychological sciences, the human brain, and human cognition. 

The State Bank of India's Introduction to Behavioral Finance offers a perspective on financial planning and decision-making from a human behavior lens. It explores the evolutionary psychology that underpins how people handle money and financial matters and looks at ways to make better decisions.

KyotoX offers a course called Evolution of Human Sociality. It explores social interactions and the social environment of humans as well as what current research says about human societies. The study of behavioral sciences from a social perspective teaches students how to plan for better civilization and the greater good.

Explore human behavior with edX

Coursework from edX offers the latest in scientific research and builds foundational knowledge in the area of human behavior. Whether it's the individual or social behavior that interests you, edX can clear a path for your career or personal growth. You can explore the limits of human behavior, make decisions, and offer your own perspective in research.

Whether you explore for free or choose official credit, edX makes it simple to gain the education you need to fill your time and pursue new things. You can build your knowledge base and achieve your goals.