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Human-Computer Interaction Courses

Learn about human-computer interaction with edX's online human-computer interaction courses. Study this fascinating subfield of computer science and human psychology today!
learn human computer interaction

learn human-computer interaction

What is human-computer interaction?

Human-computer interaction (HCI) is a branch of computer science dedicated to the user experience. It explores concepts in user interface and uses observations made about these interactions to design clearer and more efficient programs.

Interaction design allows developers to prioritize usability in development and ease the transition from traditional programs to cutting-edge options. HCI is a significant part of prototyping, and HCI research looks at the human factors that weigh heavily on artificial intelligence and other types of computer development.

As computing technologies become more complex, the field of human-computer interaction is more important than ever. It's an open-ended research field where humans explore what it's like to be in open dialog with something other than humans.

Learn about human-computer interactions

The edX platform offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field and offers students the opportunity for education from institutions around the world. This unprecedented access allows for professional development and personal growth all from home. 

Courses are free to explore, or students may choose official credit to pass along to future employers or education centers. edX offers single courses, certifications, and even full degrees with more added regularly. 

Human-computer interaction courses 

GTX offers a professional series entitled Human-Computer Interaction. It's a four-course series designed to introduce the concepts of design, including strong user interfaces and the ethics of UX design principles. The course series introduces students to the foundational principles HCI professionals need to launch a career and explore the boundaries of human-computer designs.

Learners can also explore the world of robotics with UCx's Human-Robot Interactions. The two-course series explores the design process of robotics and the various types of human-robot interactions. Learners explore the computing technologies and cognitive science behind robot emotions. 

Students can also explore artificial intelligence and computer cognition, learn to design augmented reality and virtual reality environments, or study language and linguistics from a computer perspective. All these courses could help students create meaningful and interactive interfaces.

Exploring human-computer interactions with edX

The field of information technology will evolve as computers get smarter. Human-computer interaction allows humans to maximize their relationship with artificial intelligence and other advanced computer systems.

Good interface design facilitates computer interactions and this multidisciplinary field provides the research and guidance for UX designers. edX provides courses that can train designers to build these sensitive, interactive systems that consider human cognition and computer intelligence, setting the stage for the next generation of interface design.