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Hybrid Vehicles Courses

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learn hybrid vehicles

learn hybrid vehicles

What are Hybrid Vehicles?

Hybrid vehicles use a combination of gas and electric power to drive a car. Hybrid cars often provide higher miles per gallon (mpg) than standard gasoline engines. They're different than electric cars because they don't run entirely on electric power. Aside from the fuel economy, hybrid cars offer a more affordable and more accessible way for consumers to reduce their carbon footprints. Famous hybrid cars include one of the originals, the Toyota Prius, the Ford Fusion Hybrid, and the Honda Insight. Internal combustion engines have traditionally produced a lot of pollution, even with modern improvements. As our technology gets better, we're able to produce better transportation for ourselves and the environment.

Learn about Hybrid Vehicles

Whether you're hoping to work in the transportation field or you're merely curious about your vehicles, has courses designed to answer all your questions. You can take part in courses designed by leaders and innovators in the field from the comfort of your home. You can take classes on your own schedule and learn from the best.

Hybrid Vehicles Programs and Certifications

Chalmers offers a course in hybrid vehicles. It's part of the Emerging Automotive Technologies micro masters program. During the course, you'll learn about different aspects of hybrid technology, including the powertrain and the energy management system. From there, you can proceed through the course, understanding the different engine types. You'll learn about traditional engines as well as the fuel efficiency technology behind hybrids. Then, you'll progress into the specifics of future technology, including machine learning for autonomous vehicles.

The Future of Hybrid Technology

We may move towards electric motors, but for how, hybrid vehicles offer some improvements over traditional combustion engines. As we improve our technology, we may see new technologies emerge. We now have plug-in hybrids that increase efficiency even more. From the Toyota Prius Prime to new hybrid options from Porsche and BMW, our understanding of automobile technology is only getting better. Hybrid electric vehicles are offering us better fuel efficiency and better driving conditions. Automakers are improving styling and technology. Whether it's your dream to have a hybrid SUV or curiosity about the technology, can provide a path.