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Learn ideation with online courses and programs

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and refining ideas for solving problems, creating new products, or pursuing opportunities. Learn ideation with online courses delivered through edX.

What is ideation?

Ideation is a multifaceted and dynamic cognitive process that involves the generation, development, and refinement of ideas. It is a fundamental step in problem-solving, innovation, and creativity across various domains, from business to art and science.

During ideation, individuals or groups explore diverse perspectives, gather information, and engage in divergent thinking to produce a wide range of potential solutions or concepts. This phase often begins with brainstorming, where participants freely share ideas, fostering a creative and open environment. These ideas may be inspired by prior knowledge, personal experiences, or external stimuli.

Ideation is a critical stage in the innovation process, as it lays the foundation for implementing practical solutions, driving product development, and solving complex problems. By nurturing a culture of ideation, organizations and individuals can harness their creative potential, stay adaptable in a changing world, and continuously find fresh ways to tackle challenges and pursue opportunities.

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Ideation course curriculum

Ideation courses typically focus on enhancing creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Topics that may be covered by ideation courses include:

  • Divergent thinking: Learn how to generate a wide variety of ideas without immediate judgment or criticism.

  • Brainstorming methods: Explore brainstorming techniques and strategies to facilitate idea generation in both individual and group settings.

  • Idea evaluation: Discover how to go about selecting the most promising ideas.

  • Problem framing: Identify the root causes of a problem, reframe it from different perspectives, and ensure ideation efforts are aligned with solving the right issues.

  • Creativity: Enhance your creativity with techniques such as mind mapping, analogy-based thinking, and lateral thinking.

Ideation courses can also teach you valuable skills including critical thinking and communication. Are you ready to start learning? Explore the range of educational opportunities offered through edX that cover fields such as science, technology, and more. Sign up for an accelerated boot camp, or enroll in a full degree program and start working toward a bachelor’s degree, or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree in a relevant subject. You can also explore executive education programs specifically designed for busy professionals.

Explore careers that use ideation 

Ideation is a critical aspect of various professions and industries that value creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Some roles where ideation can be required include:

  • Innovation manager: Oversees the ideation process, gathers and evaluates ideas, and develops strategies for implementing new products, services, or processes.

  • Service designer: Uses ideation techniques to solve complex problems and improve user experiences. 

  • Market research analyst: Explores consumer preferences, industry trends, and market dynamics and uses ideation to develop research methodologies, generate insights, and propose strategies for businesses.

  • Product manager: Oversees the entire lifecycle of a product, from ideation to development and launch.

Start building the skills you need to develop fresh ideas that break the mold. Invest in your professional development by enrolling in online courses offered through edX today.

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