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Image Processing Courses

Take free online image processing courses to build your skills. Learn image processing from top institutions and schools on edX today!

learn image processing

learn image processing

What is Image Processing?

The field of image processing involves the use of computer algorithms to process images for analysis. Image analysis and image enhancement have many use cases in a variety of areas, including criminal justice, drug discovery and healthcare, and the military. Computer vision has transformed the way we pursue digital image processing. We have the capability to find useful information through image segmentation and contrast enhancement down to a pixel. We've also expanded our image acquisition capabilities. Where we once relied on x-rays in healthcare, for example, we now have digital photographic capabilities for full exploration. With a variety of image formats and the ability to work with multiple digital signals, our understanding of image processing has evolved.

Learn about Image Processing

edX offers a full range of courses in partnership with leaders in the field. Learning the field can open up doors in a variety of disciplines and use cases, setting you up for a rewarding career. Whether it's medical imaging and or machine learning, you could offer your expertise. Taking classes with edX allows you to learn the needed skills without leaving your home. You can learn everything you need about these image processing algorithms to build new systems and products.

Image Processing Courses and Certifications

IsraelX offers a professional certification in Sparse Representation in Signal and Image processing. You'll learn how signal processing and image processing rely on fundamental algorithms and what those algorithms mean. EPFL offers a targeted course for Life Scientists, providing instruction on digital segmentation, apply filtering, and understand the use of color and grayscale images. You'll also learn how to quantify biological images for feature extraction. And for a basic understanding of the artificial intelligence and neural networks behind some of the most complex image processing, Microsoft offers a course in the basics. You'll learn how artificial intelligence works, fundamentals of machine and deep learning, and how those algorithms could be applied in a variety of fields.

Explore Image Processing in Your Field

Enhanced images help us research and find answers in fields as disparate as criminal justice and agriculture. A basic understanding of the algorithms involved in these processes can help you make advances in your field even with raw data. Images in digital form provide a lot of information. If we can extract the data we need, we'll be able to unlock the answers we need in a variety of research fields. Use your expertise gained from edX courses to build a rewarding career.