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Learn immunology with online courses and programs

Immunology is the study of the immune system, the body’s natural defense against infections and diseases. Learn more about immunology with online courses delivered through edX.

What is immunology?

Immunology is the scientific study of the immune system, which is a complex system of cells and organs that work together to defend the body against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. It explores the characteristics of the immune system and studies how to prevent, treat, and eradicate disease.

The field of immunology encompasses a wide range of topics, including the development of the immune system, its functions, the different types of immune responses, and the various immune cells involved. Immunology also examines the interactions between the immune system and the environment, genetics, and other physiological systems. It plays a crucial role in combating diseases, designing vaccines, and developing therapies for immune-related disorders.

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Immunology course curriculum

If you’re interested in exploring cures and preventions for illnesses from chronic to serious, this could be the right field for you. An introductory immunology class may cover topics like the fundamentals of the immune system to give learners a foundational understanding of its components, functions, and mechanisms. Classes may also include discussions about emerging infectious diseases, vaccination strategies, and recent breakthroughs in immunotherapy.

As you advance in your studies, you could focus on more specialized topics like immunodeficiencies, autoimmune disorders, transplant rejection, allergies, and other clinical problems related to the immune system. The field of immunology provides rich scope for research and discovery, and edX can provide a path for you to get started.

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Explore immunology jobs

Studying and applying what has been discovered about immunology can help humans build a safer world and lead healthier and longer lives. The field of immunology can help answer questions related to autoimmunity response, incurable diseases, or a host of other perplexing topics. 

With expertise in immunology, you can potentially pursue a career in research, or join the biotech or pharmaceutical industries. You may study to become a medical doctor who specializes in the immune system, or work in a laboratory to diagnose diseases or allergies. Immunologists can also work for government departments that ensure the safety of new medications, and can find roles in science writing, consulting, or education. 

The professional opportunities related to the study of immunology are diverse. If this field excites you, start building the knowledge you need today with edX.