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Innovation Courses

Learn how to think creatively and become an innovative force in your career and your life. Learn about responsible innovation, customer-centric innovation, technology innovation and much more with free online courses from top universities.

learn innovation

learn innovation

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the creation of something new and is often associated with finding a new or novel solution to a problem or need. Innovation can be applied to a process or method of doing something to achieve greater efficiency or improved utility. Forces impacting innovation in business include competitive pressure, user feedback, technological advancements and much more. Successful companies understand that innovation is critical to growth and will create environments that foster new ideas. Examples include Business incubators, think tanks, research projects and hackathons.

Online Courses in Creativity and Innovation

Learn how to think creatively and spark new innovations with online courses in entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurial Mindset, a self-paced online course from Babson College teaches a roadmap method to identify, assess and act on opportunities that can be applied to new venture creation or to spark innovation within an existing organization. Learn critical skills needed to act and think like an innovator.

The Iterative Innovation Process, an 8-week course from MIT, is an in-depth study of innovative ideas and thinking. Use real-world examples of innovation and perform research and exercises designed to change and refine your views of the innovation process.

Learn how to spark your creativity with Innovation Generation: How to Be Creative, a 5-week, free online course that teaches novel alternatives to typical ways of thinking. Use thinking tools such as analogy, reversal, expansion and changing point-of-view to disrupt your normal thought patterns and generate new ideas for addressing real problems.

Explore many more online courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. Many are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.

Jobs in Innovation

Many jobs exist specifically related to innovation. A recent search on resulted in over 1,000 open, full-time positions for innovators at companies like Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson and more. Positions such as Innovation Strategist, Innovation Data Analyst, Process Innovation Consultant, Product Innovation Advisor, Technical Innovation Data Scientist and Director of Brand Innovation are just a few of the many positions.

Explore a Career in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

From leading research and development projects to start whole new companies that produce innovative products, there are numerous career options that rely heavily on the ability to innovate. Information Technology, Biotechnology and Food are some of the most innovative industries but the need for innovative ideas exists across the board. Learn the tools to thinking creatively about problems and generate new ideas for solutions to use in your current career or as you embark on a new path.