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International Development Courses

Take free online international development courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn international development and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn international development

learn international development

What is international development?

International development, also referred to as global development, is a wide-ranging area of study used to face some of the most pressing issues of our time. International development research helps world leaders and NGO administrators tackle challenges related to human rights, poverty, international aid, socio economic development, and international relations. These principles also help support economic development on much smaller scales as well, including local economic development, community development, and sustainable development in societies of all sizes around the world.

Because of its potential for broad impact, international development studies prepare learners for positions in numerous fields. Examples of international development jobs include International Program Managers, Development Aid Fundraisers, International Agency Administrators, Social Studies Teachers, Economists, Lobbyists, Translators, and Analysts.

Learners who excel in branches of international development typically display aptitudes for policy development, data analysis, critical analysis, and communications – all skills that are prized in the larger business world. As such, coursework or any advanced degree in this area can offer a real advantage in the job market.

Online courses in international development

Introductory and advanced online courses are available in a wide array of Social Science subjects. University of Queensland offers five courses that make up a Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters degree program. Other offerings include u.lab: Leading Change in Times of Disruption and Socially- Responsible Real Estate Development and from MIT, as well as UC Berkeley’s Journalism for Social Change. Courses are also available from Amnesty International like Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees.

Jobs in International Development

Because International Development utilizes so many in-demand skills, learnings from these courses can be applied to many sectors. For example, Devex, a provider of recruiting and business development services for global development, lists more than 3,000 jobs in International Development and Humanitarian roles.

Moreover, the job site Indeed lists thousands of jobs for candidates with related skills. Over 265,000 jobs for Project Managers, with 44,000 of those starting at $100,000 or more a year. There are also 5,000 entry-level jobs available for Analysts in various industries, and a total of more than 115,000 Analyst jobs at all levels.

Explore a career in the international development

International development covers so many aspects of our world and prepares learners for a wide array of jobs. Choose from dozens of edX courses and explore a future in some of the most rewarding work on the planet. Enroll now and start down your path today.