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Interview Skills Courses

Learn powerful interview skills with online courses and lessons on edX!

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learn interviewing skills

Why are Interview Skills Important?

Whether you're looking for a job or in research, interview skills are a vital soft skill. Hiring managers look for excellent interview skills to find the right team members. Marketing teams use interview questions to build effective marketing strategies. Researchers often use these communication skills to uncover clues in a variety of research settings. For most people, job interviews are the biggest reason to shore up communication skills. You can land your dream job with the right interviewing skills, or you could turn off potential employers' interest during the interview process with poor skills.

Learn Interviewing Skills

Job seekers can benefit from interview tips and a proper understanding of what employers look for. EdX offers courses to address these soft skills, designed with leaders in the field. You can learn from the privacy of your home and on your own schedule. These critical skills can take you from a job to many other areas. Prepare for your next interview and gain the soft skills needed to interact with others and form good connections.

Interview Courses and Certifications

Fullbridge offers a full certification course in the soft skills needed to succeed on the job. You'll learn interview skills, along with other vital soft skills, including networking and building an effective resume. Other institutions offering these courses include Hong Kong Polytechnic's suite of courses that take you through beginning to advanced interview skills. You'll learn how to improve your body language, answer common interview questions, and what to do at the end of the interview. You can also apply these skills to a phone interview. For other types of interview skills, you can take the University of Washington's Conducting an Informational Interview. You'll learn vital interviewing skills not just for job offers but for building connections and uncovering answers in a variety of situations.

Building Interview Skills

From the first time you see a job posting to the need for research, interview skills are always going to something you can use. The courses from offer you the chance to brush up on those skills, gain an understanding of how and why we build connections with each other, and learn how to ask the right questions and give effective answers. Soft skills will never go out of style, so take this chance to brush up on the things you'll need to know to interview for a job or conduct research in different fields. Go beyond a firm handshake and master the skills necessary to network and interview.