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Learn life skills with online courses and programs

Navigating everyday life requires important life skills like time management, financial responsibility, and digital literacy. When applied to your career, these skills can also increase your potential for success. Learn more with online courses on edX.

What are life skills?

Navigating the different aspects of everyday life requires a variety of practical skills. Basic communication, cooking skills, problem solving, general health maintenance, and similar abilities allow individuals to function effectively and meet the demands of modern life. 

Life skills can help foster important qualities such as independence, problem solving, adaptability, and personal growth. Honing these skills can also help you stand out in the workplace. For instance, strong communication and time management skills are essential for professionals across different industries and roles.Footnote 1

Life is full of challenges, whether it’s starting college, moving to a new place, or planning a budget. The skills you need to overcome those challenges will vary depending on your age, life stage, and professional goals. With edX, you can stay on top of your personal development no matter where you are in life.

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Life skills course curriculum

Are you interested in gaining new life skills to meet personal demands or increase your employability? edX courses can prepare you to confront the personal and professional decisions you face on a daily basis. Some of the topics you could explore along your learning journey include:

  • Frameworks and tools to make smart financial choices

  • Ideas about the meaning of happiness and how to achieve it

  • Social and emotional wellbeing

  • Budgets, taxes, and the time value of money

  • Risk management and insurance products and services

  • Strategies for retirement planning

  • Methods for handling stress in healthy and productive ways

edX offers online courses that allow learners to study a variety of topics including personal finance, mindfulness, and much more. ‌Sign up for an accelerated boot camp or enroll in a full degree program and start working toward a bachelor's degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree in a relevant subject. You can also explore executive education programs specifically designed for busy professionals.

Explore ways to apply life skills to your career

If you’re wondering how life skills can translate to professional growth, here are some roles that directly benefit from strong practical abilities:

  • Communication in sales: Sales representatives need strong communication skills to effectively explain product features, address customer concerns, and negotiate deals.Footnote 2

  • Time management skills in project management: Project managers must allocate time efficiently, set project timelines, and ensure tasks are completed on schedule to deliver projects successfully.Footnote 3

  • Problem solving in engineering: Engineers analyze complex problems, design solutions, and innovate new technologies to address challenges in various fields.Footnote 4

  • Emotional intelligence in therapy: Therapists use emotional intelligence to build rapport with clients, empathize with their struggles, and guide them toward emotional wellbeing.Footnote 5

  • Social skills in business development management: Business development managers build relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration and growth.Footnote 6

Each of these roles will have different education and skills requirements. For example, you may be able to build relevant skills in a boot camp. However, some employers may seek candidates with a higher level of education, depending on the role. Before deciding on a specific learning path, research the positions you hope to pursue and align your coursework with your career goals.