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Life Skills Courses

Take online life skills courses on edX. Learn important life skills such as financial management, study skills, and more with classes from top schools and institutions.

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What are life skills?

Much like we train for a marathon or develop mathematical skills for a job, we can also develop skills to handle the challenges of everyday life. Problem-solving, decision-making, budgeting, even self-awareness — all these things are part of the toolbox for surviving day-to-day interactions.

Our family and friends aren't the only ones who look for well-rounded life skills. Employers also need to know that job-seekers have the soft skills for dealing with challenges in the workplace. These include communication skills, time management, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence.

Self-control and understanding go a long way to managing conflict and can help improve mental health over time. It's more about self-esteem; Wellness in all areas of life could be possible with the right tools. Luckily, these important life skills can be learned.

Learn life skills with edX

The edX platform offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and respected institutions. These courses offer a path to developing life skills with a global cohort of students dedicated to personal development or professional growth. 

Many courses are free to explore for personal development, but edX also offers official credit for a fee for students who need professional development. Students can choose from single courses, certification programs, and even full degrees from accredited institutions.

Life skills courses and certifications

Hong Kong Polytechnic offers a course called Success: Practical Thinking Skills. Students learn creative thinking skills along with essential life skills. The course offers critical thinking techniques that make decision-making easier and more reliable.

Other life skills courses include Communication Skills and Teamwork from Fullbridge, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work from Berkeley, and Becoming a Successful Leader from Catalyst. Students can explore different types of interpersonal skills through single courses, certifications, or professional series choices and build a portfolio for personal growth or career development.

Integrating life skills for personal goals

Social skills and emotional learning are just as necessary to well-being as financial literacy or business skills. These social skills offer a solid foundation for making decisions that affect others and provide better systems for building relationships.

edX offers a clear path for skills development through convenient and accessible courses. As learners explore the skills they need to handle challenges, they can also explore their place in the world and build confidence. Whether learners are young adults with new goals or experienced learners eager to hone existing skills, the edX platform offers a clear path.