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Managerial Economics Courses

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learn management economics

learn managerial economics

What is managerial economics?

Managerial economics involves decision-making with both short-term business goals and long-term economic growth in mind. It combines economic principles and econometrics with managerial theory, looking at business decisions from multiple perspectives to ease long-term planning.

This type of managerial decision-making relies on economic concepts to create a business environment where business economics ensures organizations build a solid foundation for long-term stability and growth. It relies on microeconomics foundations and helps ensure long-term success from multiple perspectives.

Using economic theory to ground business decisions is a way to bridge the gap between theory and practice. It looks at goods and services, investment decisions, and market structures through the lens of microeconomic theory and is appropriate for both profit and non-profit organizations.

Learn about managerial economics

Building a solid business strategy requires the right training. offers courses created in partnership with leaders and innovators in the business world ready to help students build problem-solving skills and introduce cutting-edge methodology alongside tried and true best practices. 

Students learn alongside classmates from around the world and can take courses for free on their own schedule. edX offers opportunities for official credit, certification, or full degrees as well for professional growth. Students opt into paid versions of the course and can customize training to suit their goals.

Managerial Economics Courses and Certifications

IIMBx offers the course Introduction to Managerial Economics. Students explore the types of market forces affecting business, including market conditions, supply and demand, and competitive pressures. Students learn what to do with scarce resources and other challenges and build business strategies for long-term growth. 

Students can also learn overall managerial fundamentals with courses such as Financial Decision Making for Leaders (BabsonX), Economics and Policies in a Biobased Economy (WageninginX), or Managerial Accounting and Corporate Control (IUX). These types of courses introduce students to economic policy principles, the decision-making process from multiple perspectives, and how economic analysis helps lead a company.

Explore Managerial Economics with EdX

Understanding macroeconomics helps move organizations forward, but a grounding in microeconomics ensures day-to-day decisions are in the business's best interest. Whether you're looking at the allocation of limited resources, deciding when to hire, or pricing new goods and services, managerial economics can help your organization build long-term stability.

Economists can help us understand the industry as a whole, but putting theory to practice requires special decision-making skills. edX can help you build those skills and form a knowledge base designed to make forecasting practical and managerial problems a matter of perspective. It's time to build the skills you need to lead your business in the right direction.