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Manufacturing Courses

Enroll in online manufacturing courses from top schools and universities on edX today!

learn manufacturing

learn manufacturing

What Is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing involves turning raw materials into products for sale to businesses or individuals. People typically mean industrial manufacturing, but in reality, manufacturing can mean anything from simple handicrafts we buy online to large-scale industrial products. Manufacturing is the lifeblood of any economy because products are needed to make other products. Each part of the manufacturing process must be followed carefully to maintain quality, especially for these multi-step products.

Learn About Manufacturing

Manufacturing could be a wise career choice because of its connection to so many other pieces of the economy. Whether the product is simple or highly complex, someone must be present to ensure quality control. Considering advances in the tech sector, manufacturing may be an even more lucrative career than in previous generations. The complexity of our devices also requires multi-step manufacturing models, and with new products coming out every day, it's a great time to learn about the supply chain.

Manufacturing Courses and Certificates

edX offers a multitude of courses in partnership with trusted and experienced institutions in many aspects of manufacturing. You could focus on a particular manufacturing sector or a part of the manufacturing industry as a whole. You can learn about advanced manufacturing and discover smart manufacturing. MIT offers a micro-master's program in the Principles of Manufacturing, giving you an excellent foundation in manufacturing principles like finance, supply chain, and process control from the number one ranked mechanical engineering program in the world.

You can also participate in a professional education course in the Principles of Biomanufacturing from the same institution. Other courses focus on different fields, such as Delft's Introduction to Aerospace Structures and Materials or Curtin's IoT Sensors and Devices. If you're interested in particular aspects of the manufacturing process, you can take courses such as Dartmouth's series on Breakthrough Innovations or IIMB's Operations Management course. You can even learn about cultural approaches to manufacturing with Tokyo Tech's introduction to the Japanese principle of Monotsukuri, the principle responsible for creating some of Japan's most beautiful products. Courses on technological ideation and manufacturing are also available, including Silicon Valley's most beloved process, Agile.

Explore a career in manufacturing

Whether you're involved in technology or breaking into traditional manufacturing chains, edX offers courses designed to give you the fundamentals for success. U.S. manufacturing needs great minds to catapult the country into the next wave of industry, but worldwide, the opportunities for career advancement are nearly endless. Build your career in a field that's here to stay with support from edX.