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Matrix Math Courses

Take free online matrix math classes to improve your skills and boost your performance in school. Get a strong foundation in matrix multiplication and linear algebra or brush up on important problem solving skills.

What is Matrix Multiplication?

Matrix multiplication is a function of linear algebra that allows you to produce a matrix from two matrices that represents a composition. Computing matrix products is a central part of computational applications. It enables you to simplify linear equations, build moves in applications such as game theory, or enhance image rendering despite light complications. Matrix multiplication isn't easy, but with programs designed to do the heavy lifting for you, you're able to apply it to your computations without the excess work. Learning this process builds your tool kit for executing high-level programming commands and opens up a variety of creative programming solutions.

Learn Matrix Multiplication in Programming

Matrix multiplication is just one method of handling algorithms. It's more complex than scalar multiplication, relying on dot product to multiply combinations of the various columns and rows. In scalar or vector operations, you apply the scalar to each element within the matrix. To multiply matrices requires more finagling. These operations are integral to neural network programming within machine learning. You must be able to build operations that account for various solutions within the matrix, and each new matrix is a chance to expand the algorithm further.

Matrix Math Courses

If you're lost for how this applies to programming, edX can help. In partnership with leading institutions, including Harvard and IT Bombay, you can learn the foundations of algorithm programming and how matrix multiplication fits into a system of algorithms. For example, you can gain a comprehensive overview of algorithms with IT Bombay, learning how to leverage matrix multiplication within a network of other types of algorithms to build high-level applications. Harvard's programming series also touches on matrix multiplication. You'll gain an understanding of basic concepts from your very first matrix to the fundamental properties of matrix algebra. You'll work with real numbers and build know-how for a variety of operations.

Build Your Programming Toolkit With Matrix Math

You need to know the operations of matrix math and how it fits into the ecosystem of programming algorithms. You'll be able to analyze the number of columns and rows, understand matrix algebra, how to build reports, and work with complex matrix operations. Matrix math has applications across AI, gaming, image rendering, and other fields, so build up your skills for programming with a clear understanding. Your programming resume will thank you.