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Mental Health Courses

Take free online mental health courses. Learn about mental health from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn mental health

learn mental health

What Is Mental Health?

Mental Health is becoming a vital part of our health system. Mental health goes beyond simple mental illness and moves to a whole view of how humanity can care for itself. Mental health services can transform how we build responses to things like substance abuse, anxiety disorders, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Mental health services are a big part of the evolution of our health system, so building a career in mental health could be just the breakthrough you need.

Learn Mental Health

Health care is a growing field and providing care for a variety of mental needs could help increase well-being for a considerable part of the population. Mental health services are a vital part of a developed nation and a developing one, helping improve the standard of living and revitalize the workforce. Mental health has had some significant breakthroughs so you may need more education to find your niche. However, to get started learning what's out there or to specialize in a highly specific field, courses could help you get started.

Mental Health Courses and Certifications

In partnership with quite a few respected universities and institutions, edX offers courses in a variety of mental health fields. You can study substance abuse and medications for mental health with ColgateX. You can also learn about issues in social work and Social Welfare with the University of Michigan. You also have the opportunity to earn a micro-masters degree through the University of Michigan in Social Work: Practice, Policy, and Research. This series is a more in-depth look at American policy and how research is shaping the newest practices in the field. You can learn about both adults and children, mental disorders and behavioral health in vulnerable populations. Young people and children are also significant areas of research with courses dealing with suicide prevention and other health services for mental health issues.

Explore a Career in Mental Health

Mental health problems are a significant area of concern for populations, and building a career in mental health gives you the tools to make a big difference in the world. Mental Health Services is a vital part of any developed society, so understanding how mental health conditions are treated is essential to a healthy population. The National Institute of Mental Health recommends training in a variety of fields and finds that areas such as women's health and public health are on the forefront of the newest innovations in mental health services. It's an exciting and growing field that could offer a rewarding career for you.