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Gain insight into the complex world of corporate strategy and finance with online courses about mergers and acquisitions. Learn more with edX today.

What are mergers and acquisitions?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refer to the processes of combining two or more companies to form a new entity (merger) or one company acquiring another (acquisition). These strategic business activities aim to achieve various objectives, such as expanding market share, gaining new capabilities, accessing new markets, or achieving economies of scale. M&A deals involve significant financial, legal, and operational considerations. They can have a profound impact on the involved organizations and their stakeholders.

M&A plays a crucial role in shaping industries and economies, and understanding these processes empowers individuals to make informed decisions in the business world and contribute to the success and sustainability of organizations.

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Mergers and acquisitions course curriculum

In a class on mergers and acquisitions, students can expect to delve into various aspects of these complex business activities. The course may cover the following key topics:

  • Fundamental concepts of M&A, including definitions, types of transactions, and motivations

  • Different approaches to valuing companies

  • Various deal structures, including stock acquisitions, asset acquisitions, and mergers of equals

  • Importance of conducting thorough due diligence

  • Legal frameworks and regulations governing M&A transactions

Start building the knowledge you need to work in the mergers and acquisitions field with edX. From accelerated boot camps to comprehensive programs that allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree, there are many different learning formats available to fit your needs. Busy professionals can even take advantage of executive education courses tailored to those in leadership and management positions. Find the right course for you.

Explore jobs related to mergers and acquisitions

Learning about mergers and acquisitions can lead to various exciting and rewarding career opportunities in the field of finance, corporate strategy, and business development. Some potential career paths for individuals with expertise in mergers and acquisitions might include:

  • Investment banker: Works for investment banks, advising companies on M&A transactions, helping with deal structuring, valuation, and negotiation.

  • M&A analyst: Supports M&A teams by conducting financial analysis, due diligence, and market research on potential target companies.

  • Corporate development manager: Works within corporations to identify potential acquisition targets, analyze strategic fit, and manage the M&A process.

  • Private equity professional: Works for private equity firms involved in acquiring and investing in companies to improve their operations and value.

Each of these roles will have different education and skills requirements. Some employers may seek candidates with a degree in business, depending on the role. Before deciding on a specific learning path, research the positions you hope to pursue and align your coursework with your career goals.