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Microcontrollers Courses

Learn about Microcontrollers and their importance on edX!

learn microcontrollers

learn microcontrollers

What is a Microcontroller?

A microcontroller is a small computer contained on a single metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuit chip. It's less sophisticated than a system on a chip (SOC) and is used primarily with automated devices in the world of IoT. Microcontrollers are the brains for relatively simple devices and contains a CPU, input/output peripherals, and memory processing all on a single chip. It's straightforward and drives the control and operation of office machines, robots, medical equipment, and other devices in embedded systems. The microchip (MCU) is low power and doesn't have the complexity of microprocessors. However, it can provide real time operation and data. They're a cost-effective way to power IoT and edge computing devices because of its low power operation. Most are able to wait for an event such as a stop press with a small power supply.

Learn about Microcontrollers

With the rise of edge computing and IoT, these MCUs can provide power and operation within a small space. A knowledge of microcontroller units allows you to build a career exploring the farthest reaches of these devices and their operation. offers courses in partnership with leading institutions in the field. You'll learn skills related to IoT and edge computing and their components, allowing you to build a rewarding career in research and innovation.

Microcontroller Courses and Certifications

UT Austin offers a three-course series in Embedded Systems. You'll learn everything you need to know about MCU and SOC systems, their firmware, and different types of operating systems required to build these devices. If you need to start with the fundamentals, Itmo University offers a primer in IoT systems with everything you need to know. You'll discuss IoT's beginnings as well as the technical skills, including an intro to the PIC microcontroller Arduino, you'll need to implement your designs and work in the field. MIT offers a practical course on building systems using microcontrollers in an advanced course. You'll learn how PID controllers gave way to state-space controllers due to lower costs. You'll learn how new products use this microchip technology to improve performance and to design your own copter levitated arm.

Microcontrollers and IoT

Microcontroller units are low-cost options with traditionally low power consumption, able to power embedded devices. From 8-bit microcontrollers to the more modern 32-bit microcontrollers, your knowledge could be the way forward for logical and secure IoT systems. Whether you're working with a large group like Intel or a startup, IoT is only possible through the program memory of MCUs. With such a small central processing unit, so much is possible through microcontrollers and their i/o ports that it expands what control systems can do. Change the trajectory of our IoT with your expertise.