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Middle Eastern Studies Courses

Learn about the Middle East region. Take online courses about the Middle East to study Middle Eastern culture, geography, history, and more with edX today!

Why pursue Middle East Studies?

The Middle East has a long history of influence on civilization. It offers complex international relations challenges and is home to a variety of languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Its history is ancient and complex. 

Middle eastern studies is often multidisciplinary, encompassing language study, political science, history, and geography, among others, and current events keep the area at the top of the news cycle. 

Learning about the Middle East can help us understand more about the conflicts in the area, who the people are, and why it has such an effect on the rest of the world. These studies are a vital part of peace-building and could shape world events for generations to come.

Learn about the Middle East

edX offers courses and certifications designed in partnership with leading experts in the ancient and modern middle east. Students take courses with others from around the world and study on their own time for convenience but with engaging lessons and access to message boards. Many courses are available for free for personal growth.

Learners can also take it a step further and invest in official credit for a fee. edX offers single courses, certifications, and even some full degrees, with more added all the time.

Middle East courses and certificates

Participants can get a sense of the historical scope of the area with Arab-Islamic History: From Tribes to Empires delivered by Tel Aviv University and IsraelX. Students will learn about the history of Arabic people groups across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe and the spread of one of the most significant religions in the world.

Another course option is Religion, Conflict, and Peace from Harvard University. Students will explore the role of religion in both conflict and resolution efforts, with possible areas of focus in Israel and Palestine, Syria, Brazil, Turkey, and Qatar. 

The platform also offers courses such as Mawlana Jalal-Uddin Balkhi - Rumi: The Greatest Mystic Poet of All Time, a course introducing the Persian poet to fans or new readers. Participants learn about his contributions in his native Persian, as well as Turkish, Greek, and Arabic languages.

Gain a world of understanding

edX offers the opportunity for student research into middle eastern languages, Islamic studies, human rights, and related area studies. Whether students are interested in Israeli history, the former Palestinian country, Persian history or present-day Iran, or any of the other fascinating and culturally significant areas of the Middle East, they have thoughtful, well-designed online options from the platform. Coursework can open up learners' eyes and help enlighten them about this ancient cultural center and modern-day epicenter.