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Natural Sciences Courses

Learn natural sciences and more with online courses and lessons on edX!
learn natural sciences

learn natural sciences

What is Natural Science?

Natural Science is a branch of science that explores the physical world. It joins the Social Sciences, Computer Science, Philosophical sciences, and other aspects to give us a clearer understanding of our existence. Natural science is divided into physical science and life science, covering a range of understanding from biology to physics. This scientific discipline hopes to teach us everything we need to know about physical existence and the world around us.

Learn about Natural Science

Natural sciences have a lot to offer. Environmental studies help us understand what changes our planet is going through. Biology teaches us about our place in the world of living things. Physics delves into the world of theoretical sciences to help us sort out the very fabric of our universe. Getting into these areas of study could provide a valuable career path in scientific research. If you didn't pursue this path for your traditional career, you could use courses online to uncover if you want to go back and pursue it.

Natural Science Courses and Certifications offers a variety of courses in the natural sciences in partnership with leading institutions in the field. You can pursue courses on biological sciences through Wageningen, MIT, and the University of Adelaide, among others. You'll learn about evolutionary biology, natural selection, animal behavior, and the fundamental building blocks of life (molecular biology and cell biology). If environmental science is more your thing, courses from Dartmouth, Tokyo Tech, and SDG Academy could give you everything you need there. You'll learn about the fundamental laws of nature, how to care for our natural resources, and how the earth works through earth sciences. If Physics is what you're after, Rice, EPFL, and Harvard (among others) offer courses in this aspect of our physical world. You'll have the opportunity to take theoretical sciences as well as more practical solutions.

Launch a Career in the Natural Sciences

Take courses with and learn these concepts in the privacy of your own home. Research projects surrounding our natural world could help us uncover what to do with climate change, growing populations, and new diseases. These relevant areas provide a valuable career path for you, and edX can help begin the process. Find out if your interests and talents lie in Natural Sciences and be at the forefront of some of the most exciting research happening right now. EdX partnerships provide valuable insight and knowledge, let these courses light your path.