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NoSQL Courses

Take free online courses in NoSQL to build your database programming skills and advance your career. Learn how to build NoSQL databases and optimize their performance with online courses from Microsoft and top universities and institutions.

What is NoSQL?

NoSQL databases provide a way to store data in a method other than tables. Relational databases are great for when you have a lot of structured data, i.e., data that fits well into columns and rows. When your data is mostly unstructured data, a NoSQL database can be a lifesaver. NoSQL databases have flexible schema designed to handle information that doesn't fit into a table. Information gleaned from social media posts, for example, are great for sentiment analysis, and terrible for your data storage. NoSQL to the rescue.

Learn NoSQL

Building NoSQL databases are a vital skill in a world of big data. Data structures and data types must account for the messiness of unstructured data to produce a high-performance storage option. Now that we see results from data in real-time, this storage is more important than ever. You can learn from the best with courses and certifications from edX and gain the skills you need to build the kind of databases that will benefit your organization from a big data perspective.

NoSQL Courses

edX offers courses covering the fundamentals of NoSQL databases offered in partnership with leaders in the field of data science and technology. You can learn from AWS, understanding not only SQL but building NoSQL using DynamoDB for scalable applications. You'll understand the difference between the relational model and schema-less data management.

You can also work with Microsoft's planet-scale database solution, Azure, to scale out current database solutions to enterprise-level applications. You'll learn how to take the basic NoSQL system and apply the CosmoDB system to create your enterprise solution. It includes graph database training and the MongoDB API. Microsoft also has training from the beginning if you need to go over the fundamentals, and you can also understand the ways that non-relational data can be used in an SQL server. Both options give you an overview of database technology and structured query language. Build a Data Management Career with NoSQL Non-relational databases are a big part of the next wave of data management. You need to understand the use cases of SQL and NoSQL to help your organization efficiently store and retrieve data with few obstacles. EdX can introduce you to different types of NoSQL databases and give you the skills you need to build a data management system that works. As more unstructured data comes into play with company decisions, this could be a vital skill set for future data scientists and developers. Relational database management systems will only get you so far. You need database systems that work with the data you have and data centers that don't hinder progress. Semi-structured and unstructured data have their own needs and NoSQL can handle those data models more efficiently.