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The Agile methodology is a type of project management focused on the delivery of individual components. By breaking projects down into small parts, or “sprints”, teams can effectively prioritize tasks. Learn Agile with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Agile?

Agile is an approach to software development and project management that focuses on iteration. It promotes breaking down tasks into small, consumable increments and continuously re-evaluating goals, plans, and outcomes for optimal results.Footnote 1

In 2001, a group of software developers seeking better management practices for the 21st century came up with the concept of the Agile methodology. In their manifesto, they emphasized collaboration, communication, and self-organization as key requirements for a flexible, iterative process.Footnote 2

There are multiple methodologies based on Agile principles. These include Scrum, which is arguably the most well-known. Today, developers who follow the Agile software development approach continue to uphold the four pillars of the original Agile Manifesto:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation. 

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

  • Responding to change over following a plan.

Although Agile is predominantly used in the tech industry, the methodology is applicable within a wide variety of teams. Learning Agile project management can result in improved collaboration, tighter timelines, and stronger communication.Footnote 3

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Agile course curriculum

There are many reasons to learn the Agile methodology. Learners interested in Agile project management can earn a professional certificate that highlights their understanding of Agile principles and how to apply them. This certification can also serve as a jumping-off point for learners interested in software development.

Advanced Agile tutorials or courses may dive deeper into software design, development, and modification. Classes may provide opportunities for hands-on practice using popular Agile tools, or they may cover additional frameworks such as SAFe, Disciplined, and LeSS.

Because Agile is a human-centered methodology, its principles may be helpful in building solutions for remote working, leading teams, and managing products. edX offers a wide range of courses for online Agile training. Learners can explore options that build on their existing skills while furthering efficiency within their given field.

Explore Agile jobs

One of the most popular career paths for those who understand Agile basics and received an Agile project management certification is to become an Agile coach. Agile coaches use their understanding of Agile principles and methodologies to help companies, teams, and individuals bring an Agile approach to their workflows. Ultimately, their goal is to help teams adopt Agile processes in their project management. This can involve consultations on forecasting, managing expectations, and leading teams, as well as tactics to help staff meet their goals.Footnote 4

Product owners and DevOps engineers may also benefit from receiving online Agile training. That said, an Agile online certification by itself is usually insufficient for a job in product development. A bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in software engineering, or successful completion of a coding boot camp may be part of the job requirements in addition to an Agile certificate. 

How to become an Agile coach online 

To become an Agile coach, you’ll need to complete an Agile course and receive a certification. Some jobs may also require a degree in software engineering or a related field.Footnote 5 If you already have a degree and experience in a particular field, it may be possible to apply your Agile certification within your current industry or organization. It is also helpful to have an understanding of Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, core parts of implementing Agile in workflows such as technology project management.

In addition to an online Agile course certificate, a Scrum master certificate can assist in your job search. This Agile Scrum certification can equip you with a deeper understanding of the most well-known Agile methodology and foster greater opportunities for work as an Agile coach.Footnote 6 To retain your Agile coach certification, you must continue your professional development through online Agile training.Footnote 7

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