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Nuclear Physics Courses

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learn nuclear physics

learn nuclear physics

What is nuclear physics?

In this particular field of physics, scientists study the properties of atomic nuclei. Originally thought to be a "plum pudding model," created by JJ Thompson, we now know that the nuclei of the atom contain particles—protons and neutrons, but no electrons. Later, the theory of quarks and gluons coming together to form hadrons expounded on what's going on at our smallest levels.

These high-energy particles form the basis of nuclear matter and nuclear structure. We're exploring them for energy and understanding how the universe arranges itself. Nuclear reactions provide the basis for simple actions and for our wildest dreams of energy and destruction. 

Learn about Nuclear Physics

Nuclear science created the atom bomb, but nuclear physics research also made revolutions in magnetic resonance imaging, materials engineering, and even radiocarbon dating (thanks to radioactive decay). You can study the profound nature of particles such as these with courses on the platform.

edX hosts courses created in partnership with leaders in the field of applied and theoretical nuclear physics. Courses are free for students wishing to explore and discover on their own, or official credit is available for a fee. Motivated students can pursue certifications and degrees from wherever they are in the world and on their own schedule.

Nuclear Physics Courses and Certifications

MITx offers a course, Nuclear Energy: Science Systems and Society, designed to introduce students to the foundations of nuclear reactions and their effects on processes we use every day for energy, work, or discovery. Students will learn about magnetic fusion energy research and can explore MIT's reactor virtually. 

Another course option is Understanding Nuclear Energy from Delftx. Students will study concepts of radiation and radioactivity, nuclear energy implementation, and how we might make this fission reaction safer and more efficient in accelerator facilities for human use. The course will explore making nuclear emissions safe world-wide.

The National Research Nuclear University offers a course on astrophysics called From Atoms to Stars: How Physics Explains Our World. Students study the smallest particles nuclear physicists have discovered and how the extreme conditions present in the universe and nuclear forces on this planet shape everything we see around us. It covers from the big bang to now.

Explore the Field of Nuclear Physics

From neutron stars and photons to the nucleons and neutrinos found in everything we see, nuclear physics offers us the chance to understand how things work on the micro-level. Courses from edX can help students explore the hidden pieces of our universe. 

As much as we've discovered, there's still so much for us to uncover about how the universe works. You can learn all about the nuclear world and may be able to put that knowledge to use, discovering more answers.