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NumPy Courses

Take free online NumPy courses from institutions like Microsoft, IBM, and the University ofSan Diego. Learn NumPy programming and advance your career. Join today.
learn numpy

learn numpy

What is NumPy?

NumPy is a library for Python that allows users to build multidimensional arrays and high-level mathematical functions. It's a fundamental package if you plan to do any scientific computing in the Python programming language. It's completely open source and contains plenty of support on Github.

Learn NumPy

As businesses make the move to data science and machine learning, Python NumPy is a critical skill. Python applications are robust and applying the NumPy library allows you to perform high-level scientific computing and easier array manipulation. NumPy arrays have a fixed size, and newarray requests delete old ones. Python can get unwieldy really quick with scientific applications, but NumPy allows you to facilitate highly advanced mathematical sequences for big data. Code is more efficient than with Python's built-in sequences, giving you higher output with less effort. Python is one of the most popular programming languages, so familiarity with NumPy gives you the chance to integrate with your employer's existing ecosystem or quickly build a new one if needed. It's high performance and provides a gateway to SciPy for many data types and operations.

NumPy Courses and Certifications

NumPy tutorials in the Python suite are available at edX in partnership with giants in the programming industry. Participants can learn the basics of Python for data science from both Microsoft and IBM. Courses provide an overview of the capabilities of NumPy, including multidimensional arrays, linear algebra capabilities, Fourier transformations, and other high-level operations.

You can also explore capabilities within deep learning using NumPy as a starting point. IBM's course in Deep Learning will introduce you to the fundamentals of array objects, building high-performance programs that can segue to deep learning with PyTorch. IBM's professional certification in Python Data Science helps put the Python suite into context. You'll learn how NumPy's features, including array creation, random number capabilities, and arithmetic operations, fits into the Python ecosystem. It's an excellent primer in building practical applications for data science and deploying models with different libraries.

Explore Data Science Possibilities with NumPy

As businesses migrate to big data operations, understanding NumPy libraries helps cut down on the bulkiness of code and positions you for more agile operations. Multidimensional arrays and matrices are an integral part of NumPy's actions, so building enterprise-scale solutions without cumbersome boilerplate language or complicated strings. Your ability to produce models that keep up with big data and swift iterations sets you apart from the average citizen data scientist and could help build a dynamic career.