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Oil Courses

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learn oil

learn oil

Why Study Oil

Few resources drive world events like oil. We watch oil prices and the oil market in the wake of massive crises like pandemics and look to OPEC's decisions as a gauge of market health. Countries go to war over oil access, and when oil futures are down, we begin to sweat. When the oil industry thrives, so do our stock markets and our morale.

From crude oil in Saudi Arabia to oil rigs in the Pacific, our obsession with oil is absolute. The world may be exploring alternative energies for when these nonrenewable resources eventually run out, but that doesn't stop countries like Russia and the United States from drilling full speed to cover oil demand in the meantime.

Learn about Oil

While oil continues to drive the world, it's essential to understand the process and history of its use. When production cuts drive up prices or gluts trigger price wars, you can follow the situation with a global and historical perspective. offers courses and certificates designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. You'll have the chance to participate in sessions with students worldwide and complete requirements on your own time. These courses are designed to open doors and smooth your transition, whether career or hobby.

Oil Courses and Programs

Tenaris University offers two courses on the structures and processes of the oil industry. You'll understand how oil producers manage and implement oil production and how output cuts affect this production. You'll also get a glimpse of oil storage and what happens when moving oil and laying pipelines.

You can also expand your knowledge base of all our energy-producing resources. You can explore alternatives to oil with SDGAcademy. There are also plenty of options for studying processes related to the oil industry, such as supply chain management and production.

The Global Attraction of Oil

Oil is a driver of countries and builder of worlds, though we don't know how long. When you study with, you have the chance to learn from the best and the brightest in the field. It's time to build the skills you need for your career beginnings or study to make decisions about living life in the world of oil.

Whether you're studying for a hobby or studying for work, your courses provide a path to what you need. Countries need oil and fight wars to gain access, but a lot of movement also happens in diplomatic response. If you want to be part of the action, begin your studies with edX.