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What are operations?

Operations in an organization encompass the core activities and processes necessary for the production and delivery of goods and services. These functions are at the heart of the business and ensure that the company's products or services are created, managed, and distributed efficiently. Operations management involves a wide range of tasks, including supply chain management, production, quality control, inventory management, and customer service. It focuses on optimizing resources, reducing costs, and improving productivity to meet customer demands and achieve the company's strategic goals. 

Effective operations are crucial for delivering value to customers, maintaining competitiveness, and ultimately achieving success in the marketplace. The specific nature of operations can vary widely depending on the type of organization, but it is a fundamental aspect of virtually all businesses and plays a central role in their overall success.

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Operations course curriculum

Operations courses cover a variety of topics related to the management of business, including:

  • Supply chain management: Focus on the planning, design, and optimization of supply chains, including procurement, production, distribution, and logistics.

  • Quality management: Explore the principles and tools needed for maintaining and improving product or service quality.

  • Inventory management: Review techniques for managing and controlling inventory levels to optimize costs while ensuring products are readily available to meet demand.

  • Process improvement: Learn how to streamline processes, reduce waste, and enhance efficiency.

  • Operations strategy: Examine how operational decisions align with an organization’s overall business strategy.

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Explore operations jobs

Having knowledge of operations management can be beneficial across different industries, such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, and technology. Professional roles for those with an interest in this topic include:

  • Operations manager: Oversees the day-to-day operations of a business, ensuring efficiency, quality, and productivity.

  • Supply chain manager: Coordinates the flow of materials, information, and products across the supply chain, from suppliers to customers.

  • Quality assurance manager: Develops and implements quality control processes to ensure products or services meet or exceed established standards.

  • Process improvement analyst: Identifies inefficiencies in processes and implements improvements to increase productivity and reduce waste.

  • Operations consultant: Analyzes operations, identifies areas for improvement, and provides strategic recommendations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

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