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Pandas Courses

Learn pandas with edX's online pandas courses today. Discover this Python package for data science, statistical analysis, and databases today!

What is Pandas?

Pandas is a software package written for the Python programming language. It provides resources for building data analysis systems, particularly in numerical tables and time series. Pandas allows developers to import datasets in various formats. 

The system facilitates a few different data manipulation operations, including data selecting, data wrangling, and data cleaning. It's open-source and built right on top of Python, so users can take advantage of the thriving community of developers. 

It was first launched in 2008 but has undergone updates regularly since then. The last was mid-2021. Developer Wes McKinney began work when he needed a fast and efficient way to analyze financial data. Now, the Pandas library has grown into a robust 

Learn Pandas

edX offers the opportunity to study with some of the greatest minds in the world. The platform hosts courses developed and delivered by experts in the field of computer science. Students study with like-minded peers from around the world and build skills and knowledge for career and personal growth.

Many courses are free to explore, but students may also choose to invest in official credits to pass along to employers or other educational institutions. edX offers not only single courses but also certifications and even full degrees. 

Pandas courses and certificates

IBM offers a professional certificate in Python Data Science. Students will study different aspects of working with Python, including data analysis and data visualization. Each module addresses tools within the Python ecosystem as well, such as Numpy, MatPlotLib, and Jupyter notebooks. Over eight courses, students learn and then implement critical data science and development skills like indexing, munging, and even data alignment. 

For a shorter introduction, NUS offers Data Science for Construction, Architecture, and Engineering. Students study the fundamentals of Python development and common manipulation tools like Pandas. The course provides foundational training in Python algorithms and includes instruction for working with different data types in the Python ecosystem.

Build Python skills with Pandas

edX provides foundational skills for work in Python data analysis. With this toolkit, students can explore insights and offer valuable skills for future employers or freelance careers in data science and development. Others can explore concepts in data to keep their mind fresh.

With a revolutionary type of education, learners have everything they need to make an impact, grow their body of knowledge, and even pursue a new path. It's just data structures today, but it's a new perspective tomorrow, thanks to edX.