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Pathophysiology Courses

Take free online pathophysiology courses to build your skills from top universities and institutions around the world on edX!

learn pathophysiology

learn pathophysiology

What Is Pathophysiology?

Pathophysiology is a blend of pathology and physiology that examines the connection between disordered physiology and disease or illness. Where pathology defines the illness itself, physiology examines the way these injuries or diseases alter natural biological processes. The study of pathophysiology involves using clinical reasoning to diagnose and treat the effects of disease. It started in the 19th century to describe the causes of illness, including germ theory and bacteriology. Now, pathophysiology involves technology and the study of gene expression. Our exploration into precisely what makes us sick and how that condition can present itself, both with direct symptoms and secondary and tertiary issues is a huge part of unlocking the secrets to a longer life.

Learn Pathophysiology

Healthcare professionals from registered nurses to doctors and specialists use pathophysiology to create treatment plans for patients who express some type of medical condition. Learning how pathology and physiology intersect can set you up for a rewarding career in health sciences and could put you on the road to making significant discoveries about how our bodies work.

Pathophysiology Courses and Certifications offers a course in Nutrition, Heart Disease, and Diabetes, a study of the way our nutrition can affect our bodies, causing or preventing these two chronic conditions. Other courses in pathology include studies in Anatomy and Physiology from the University of Michigan, a series of courses designed to provide comprehensive overviews of the human body. Other courses also include diagnostic principles in Introduction to Diagnostic Principles and History Taking from Karolinska, which provides course content in understanding how diagnostic principles work and how to incorporate historical notes to inform decision making. Courses in physiology run the gamut through human systems such as the respiratory system, neurological systems, and various organ systems. You can learn the fundamentals of neuroscience from Harvard or Cell Biology from Adelaide. Doane can teach you essential medical terminology that you'll use to inform your diagnostic practice while Louvain can instruct you in human respiration.

Explore Careers in Healthcare with Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology can provide insight into our disease processes and how to diagnose and treat symptoms and conditions holistically. Nursing students and healthcare professionals who have a deep understanding of the interplay between the body's processes and disease could be able to make better diagnostic decisions for long term care. The medical world is making considerable advances in treatments and drug discovery because of our AI support, so build a career in healthcare that advances human life cycles beyond what we've known while also improving our quality of life. It's time to explore a career in the medical world of the future by understanding pathophysiology fundamentals.