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What is Personal Development?

When you were young, you probably thought learning was something that happened only in school. Now that you're an adult, you may be looking for ways to improve not only your knowledge base but yourself as well. Enter personal development. Personal growth is what keeps us relevant. We spend all our lives learning about the world around us and knowing how that relates to our personal well-being can help create resilience and strength. Self-improvement is always a good strategy, and with the internet, we have access to more personal and professional development than ever before.

Why Learn About Personal Development

Self-awareness is key to building the self-confidence to pursue your goals and dreams. It helps with nurturing interpersonal relationships and could be the key difference between people who are happy and those who aren't. Successful people have a range of tools that allow them to discover their strengths and weaknesses. It may also play a key role in mental health. The personal development process is lifelong, but sometimes, we need coaching along the way. Personal development courses help us to understand ourselves and our potential as human beings. They may help us reach our full potential and get us out of our comfort zones.

Personal Development Courses and Certifications

edX has a range of personal development courses that address a variety of topics both in our personal and professional lives. You can improve your networking skills with the University of Washington or complete a professional education series with Fullbridge in Self-Assessment: Developing Your Strengths. If you're looking for professional development, you could improve your impact on society through a course in Conscious Capitalism from Babson or your people skills with IIMB's People Management course. If you're searching for employment, the University of Queensland can help you unlock your employability and improve how you work. UC Berkeley can improve your emotional intelligence with a professional certification program designed to help you be happier at work using science-based approaches. The University of Washington can boost your resilience and optimize your wellbeing with The Science of Stress Management.

Improve your Personal and Professional Life

As long as we are learning, we have the potential to improve our circumstances. No matter where you are in life, a personal development plan can put you on track to grow. Your job and the important people in your life will appreciate the effort that goes into your self-development, and you may find yourself happier and more content than ever.