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Physical Chemistry Courses

Find free online physical chemistry courses from top schools and instructions on edX today!

learn physical chemistry

learn physical chemistry

What is Physical Chemistry?

Physical chemistry is a branch of chemistry concerned with the interplay of chemistry and physics. It's the way in which physics is applied to chemical problems. It's vital to classical chemistry as well as quantum chemistry. It's critical for understanding chemical processes within biological systems and modern materials. Physical chemistry is illuminating our understanding of modern materials in pursuit of better, more efficient materials to work with. The physical properties of molecules also help us understand reactions and what combinations of molecules will provide a chemical reaction. It's critical to our understanding of chemical structures in our search for useful materials, medicines, and therapies.

Learn about Physical Chemistry

The principles of Physical Chemistry are rooted in finding the reactions that cause new materials to emerge or give way to new therapies. Now that we have the help of machine and deep learning, we can accelerate this discovery time. However, we still need domain level experts to help guide and direct inquiries. Learning about the principles of physical chemistry can help place you in a position for a long and lucrative career.

Physical Chemistry Courses and Certifications

edX coordinates partnership with thought leaders in the field to bring you courses that cover a wide range of disciplines under Physical Chemistry. You can take the University of Tokyo's Basic Analytical Chemistry and learn about things like electrochemistry, molecular structures, and wave functions as well as different methods for analyzing and recording these reactions. Another class from Tokyo include Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures. You can also learn about niche areas of the materials field including Trinity's course on the Physical Chemistry of art materials (Science in Art), where you'll learn about the materials used to make art the way surface chemistry is considered when preserving works of art. Other principles such as photochemistry and the chemical properties of new colors are in the mix as well. Other choices include classes about our natural world and its origins from MIT, OEC, and the University of Chicago, as well as niche topics surrounding things like building materials and types of cement (EPFL). You can even learn the science o cooking and the chemical systems and reaction rates that make Haute Cuisine even possible.

Build a Career Using Physical Chemistry

Chemical physics comes from a physics perspective, but physical chemists are trying to apply chemical principles to map out our natural world. They're involved in understanding the atomic structure of things around us and the biophysical chemistry of our environment. Building a career in this discipline is a rich and rewarding career full of possibility. EdX can help you get started on this exciting path.