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Learn physiology with online courses and programs

Physiology is the study of how living organisms and their various parts function. Learn more about physiology with online courses delivered through edX.
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What is physiology?

Physiology focuses on understanding how organisms, organs, cells, and biomolecules work. It’s the study of how a living organism and its various parts work separately and together to stay alive and healthy. It examines the functions and chemistry behind the body’s various systems, from how cells function to how organs work together. 

Physiology connects the sciences of chemistry, biology, and physics as they relate to living organisms. It’s divided into several study areas, including animal, plant, microbial, bacterial, viral, and cellular physiology.

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Physiology course curriculum

Physiology covers the broad spectrum of biology and life sciences and there are various interrelated subjects you can study to delve deeper. 

Some of the topics you might cover in a physiology course include:

-   Nutrition: Learn how nutrition can support physical health and performance.

-   Human biology: Explore how the human body works, how it evolved, and how it interacts with other ecosystems.

-   Medical terminology: Broaden your knowledge of medical terminology and rules.

-   Emotions: Dive into the fascinating world of human emotions and how the body recognizes and understands them.

Physiology courses can give you valuable insights into how living organisms function and how interrelated systems work together for the well-being of the whole. 

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Explore physiology jobs

Physiology includes a diverse range of life science fields, and the number of job opportunities available vary greatly depending on your specialization. The knowledge you gain can be applied in various areas, including medicine, sports science, and even the development of new technologies.

Careers in physiology include being a medical doctor, pharmacist, clinical researcher, nutritionist, sports scientist, or health educator. You can find jobs in hospitals, government agencies, zoos, farms, exercise facilities, nutrition centers, and more.

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