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Governments are decision-making bodies that develop the laws that guide our lives. Learning political science can prepare individuals for government-related roles in settings such as courthouses, think tanks, and international organizations.

What is political science?

Political science focuses on the theory and practices of governing bodies as well as the analysis of political processes. As an academic discipline, it encompasses the study of different systems of government, election processes, political parties, political ideology, historical analysis, changes in power, public policy, international relations, key social science concepts, and much more. With the breadth of focus areas in political science, aspiring professionals can hone in on a job role that best aligns with their interests. 

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Political science course curriculum

Individuals with an interest in diplomacy, civil rights law, or public speaking may be drawn to political science. There is no set pathway into the field. Some learners enroll in a comprehensive political science course, while others opt for advanced degrees. Online political science courses and certificate programs are designed to help learners build their knowledge in an engaging virtual environment complete with video tutorials, quizzes, and more. And many courses are self-paced.

Aspiring professionals can get started with introductory courses covering politics in America. Along the way, learners will delve into the policies and institutions that define U.S. politics and drive the country’s economic, social, and foreign policies. There are also options to complete courses in niche areas such as global politics, sustainable trade, judicial systems, legal studies, and more. These courses may be a good fit for seasoned professionals looking to transition from the private to public sector or to get involved in lawmaking.

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Jobs in political science

Professionals with a background in political science and related fields can pursue jobs in and out of government. Political scientists in particular can work for the federal government, educational services, grantmaking and civic organizations, and more. Corporations employ government liaisons while many consulting and research firms rely on the expertise of political scientists. Lobbying is another common route aspiring professionals might take. Other fields that can benefit from hiring individuals with a political or social science education are public relations, compliance, and law.  

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