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Pollution Courses

Learn about pollution with online courses and lessons on edX!
learn pollution

learn pollution

What is pollution?

As climate change worsens, the role pollution plays is on everyone's mind. Pollution includes air pollution, pollution from fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, and other pollutants related to human activities and natural ones.

Pollution is a public health issue. Populations are getting bigger, and our activities are contributing to things like air pollutants in cities. Clean air and water may be something we take for granted, but environmental health is a pressing issue for the new century.

The health risks of pollution levels are severe, and populations must contend with pollution sources to ensure future generations don't inherit an unsolvable problem. To address these issues, people must find solutions.

Learn about pollution

Different types of pollution issues will need creative, and in some cases drastic, solutions. Whether you're interested in clean water and water supply maintenance, the effects of air pollution, or other forms of waste management, edX can provide the path to learn and gain expertise.

You can take courses designed in partnership with leading thinkers and institutions in the field. You'll take courses with students all around the world and gain knowledge on your own time. Take the time and expand your understanding of these current issues.

Courses and certifications on pollution

You can study Air Pollution with IMTx and understand the specifics of air quality issues, including smog and clean air. The health effects of poor air quality will be clear, and you'll explore different ways that communities can address these issues. 

Harvard offers a course, Energy Within Environmental Constraints, designed to explore ways that current and future communities can frame energy needs within an environmental health and sustainability approach. 

You can also study a variety of courses on different ecosystems, including coastal (Tropical Coastal Ecosystems -- University of Queensland), and different solutions for energy (Incorporating Renewable Energy in Electricity Grids -- Imperialx).

You'll understand the management of natural resources and find solutions to mass issues associated with global warming and public health, such as respiratory disease, premature deaths, or birth defects. This issue is not just a short term issue; it's a question of the future.

Making a difference with environmental pollution

From plastic pollution to hazardous waste to industrial wastes or accidental oil spills, our environment has suffered from our lack of stewardship. Some global warming may happen on a natural cycle, but understanding how humans contribute to environmental issues can help leave a better world for the future.

Greenhouse gas emissions may be something the earth experiences naturally, but human intervention is necessary to slow the effects. You can build your understanding of human health and how pollution affects it. Lend your expertise to organizations like the EPA or join companies looking for solutions and leave a better world for future generations.