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Problem Solving Courses

Learn problem solving with online classes in critical thinking, problem solving, strategic management and more. Gain fundamental skills to advance your career.

learn problem solving

learn problem solving

What is Problem Solving?

The definition of problem-solving is the process and ability to find solutions within complex problems and issues. Solving problems and finding potential solutions to fix a current issue is part of the problem-solving process. Practical problem solving can deal with creative thinking to see common sense to the original problem and figure out what the next steps should be. The beauty of problem-solving is that new issues come up all the time, so learning the steps needed to identify a solution will be an essential skill to have. There is no one way via problem-solving techniques, so it's important to learn skills to figure out solutions to issues.

Problem Solving Skills Examples

Many scenarios revolve around problem-solving and decision making. Being able to be a problem solver for a wide range of issues will make you more confident in any matter. Some typical examples in which problem-solving is necessary include math problems, project management, social problem solving, and more.

Who were Great and Famous Problem Solvers?

There are many famous problem solvers over the years to learn great tips from. Each of these people had different approaches to creative problem solving, but they were all masters in problem finding and solutions. Some of the greats include Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Edward Jenner, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and more.