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Learn problem solving with online courses and programs

Whether you're in school, at work, or at home, learning how to solve problems effectively is essential to completing nearly any task. Learn problem-solving skills with online courses delivered by edX.

What is problem solving?

Problem solving is the process of finding effective solutions to challenges, obstacles, or complex situations. It involves identifying the problem, analyzing its root causes, and devising strategies to overcome it. Effective problem solving requires critical thinking, creativity, and a systematic approach to evaluate potential options and make informed decisions. The process may involve gathering information, brainstorming ideas, testing hypotheses, and adapting approaches based on feedback. Problem solving is a fundamental skill in various aspects of life, from personal dilemmas to professional tasks. It enables individuals to tackle problems methodically, adapt to changing circumstances, and find innovative solutions to improve outcomes and achieve desired goals.

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Problem-solving course curriculum

Do you need help tackling tough challenges? Learn the skills necessary to overcome obstacles in an online problem-solving course. 

A beginner course on problem solving may teach you the basic process for understanding a problem, as well as evaluating and implementing potential solutions. More specialized classes may focus on developing specific skills that can help you address problems like negotiating, effectively communicating with different stakeholders, leading teams, and managing your resources. You may also delve into specific project management methodologies like Agile. 

Problem-solving skills are transferable and can contribute to success in any environment. In the workplace, problem solvers can stand out among the competition. In personal life, problem-solving skills can help you to resolve conflicts, make better decisions, and improve relationships.

edX offers online courses that allow learners to study different topics that can help hone their problem-solving skills or any of a variety of disciplines.‌ Sign up for an accelerated boot camp or enroll in a full degree program and start working toward a bachelor's degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree in a relevant subject. You can also explore executive education programs specifically designed for busy professionals.

How problem-solving skills can help your career

Job candidates with solid problem-solving skills are adaptable, resourceful, and resilient. Organizations value problem solvers for: 

  • Efficiency and productivity. When employees are able to solve problems quickly and efficiently, they can free up their time to focus on other tasks. 

  • Risk reduction. By identifying and resolving problems early on, employers can avoid costly mistakes and negative consequences. 

  • Resilience. In today's ever-changing world, businesses can benefit from employees who are able to adapt to change and solve problems as they arise.

Taking a course on problem solving could better prepare you for any career. Learning how to find solutions can help create better managers, employers, and individual contributors. Explore the suite of online courses made available through edX and expand your transferable problem-solving skills.