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Procedural Modeling Courses

Learn procedural modeling with a variety of online courses and lessons from Harvard, MIT, and more of the world's leading universities.

learn procedural modeling

learn procedural modeling

What is Procedural Modeling?

Procedural modeling is the principle of using computer graphics to create 3D models and textures from certain sets of rules. Rather than relying on user input, these models use a set of rules or algorithms to streamline the modeling process and allow users to create images or videos, among many other projects that might be too time-intensive to create by hand. 

3D modeling is a complex activity, but with procedural generation, users can create things like landscaping plants or complex architecture. Visualizations from procedural models could have far-reaching benefits for a variety of industries that benefit from complex models. As computer vision gets better, this also opens up more opportunities for procedural modeling to make an impact.

The field includes generative modeling, L-systems, and fractals, all of which rely on rules-based systems rather than direct user input. These rules are embedded in the algorithm, or users can configure the parameters to create the desired outcome.

Learn about Procedural Modeling

Procedural methods open up the possibility of creation when individual input might be too cumbersome to execute the design vision. EdX offers courses designed by leaders and thinkers in the world of design and modeling systems, allowing you to develop the skills you need.

Take your favorite courses alongside students from all over the world and complete them on your own time to further your curiosity and interests. You can also choose to receive official credit or certification for a fee and complete the course with satisfactory results. Send the record to your employer or future employers to jumpstart a career.

Procedural Modeling Courses and Certificates

You can learn about modeling tools and parametric, generative, and procedural modeling. You'll be able to study the procedural approach with The National University of Singapore. You'll build your procedural modeling skills and create rulesets to expand your designs from simple to complex in texturing and modeling.

You can also take a variety of design courses to expand your overall understanding, allowing you to become a well-rounded modeler. You'll have a foundational understanding of visualization and workflow, providing the skills for automatic generation once you master the algorithms and rulesets.

Explore The Science of Procedural Modeling

​Procedural content is an efficient way to build your design without the time-intensive input required of other hands-on approaches. Whether it's the procedural modeling of buildings or procedural modeling of cities as a whole, these courses offer design optimization and efficiency. 

Jumpstart a career in design or expand your curiosity with courses. provides a pathway for you to explore your interests and build vital career skills. It's time to explore and find your newest interest.