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Project-Based Learning Courses

Learn about project-based learning with online classes today!

What is project-based learning?

Project-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered learning practice designed to teach concepts using real-world problems and challenges. PBL is commonly used to develop critical thinking skills and produce high-quality, deeply engaging classroom models and lesson plans.

As students engage in deeper learning, teachers hope that it becomes lifelong learning rather than temporary understanding that gets lost with time. Teachers often use project-based learning to provide in-depth learning experiences for student learning so that they can help students make the best strides in their education.

Project-based learning often starts with a driving question, a complex question that students answer as they complete their project. As a pedagogy, it honors student choice, builds problem-solving skills, and creates an interdisciplinary learning environment that students remember.

Learn about project-based learning

A quality project for this pedagogy requires knowledge of the structure of PBL and the motivations of students. edX offers courses designed by leaders and innovators in the field of education. Students can explore with like-minded peers for free or choose accredited tracks to receive official credit.

Courses happen asynchronously and fully online, allowing students to coordinate professional and personal development with their existing schedules. edX adds new courses regularly and offers certificates, micro-degrees, and even full degrees.

Project-based learning courses

ARM education offers a professional series, Teaching with Physical Computing. Students explore fundamental concepts of PBL, including project design, project management, and assessments. Participants will flesh out project ideas throughout the course series, receive feedback from mentors, and handle assessments. 

Participants can also explore educational design for specific subjects. For example, Innovating Instruction: Learning Design in the STEM Classroom from TeachersCollegeX. Students will receive an overview of teaching methods tailored for STEM and work on engaging students through high-quality PBL units. This course will focus on developing those critical 21st-century skills.

Mastering PBL for 21st Century Classrooms

Building skills for engaging lessons can help students of the future gain skills and encourage a lifelong love of learning. edX provides training in new education methods for those interested in the education field or existing teachers looking for better classroom dynamics. These courses are designed for career training and creativity.

Teachers can leverage these courses for professional development, and learners can use them to foster a lifetime of continuous personal growth. PBL provides avenues for gaining student interest and keeping it, providing participants tools for better education and long-term learning.