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Public Economics Courses

Learn about public economics and more with online courses on edX!

learn public economics

learn public economics

What is Public Economics?

Experts have many ways of studying and evaluating government. Public economics looks at this performance through the lens of economic policy. Economic efficiency and equity within the government ensure that public policy accounts for both the political economy and public goods. It debates whether the government should be involved in the market and the extent it should do so. Public economics examines the government's role in market failure, equities, and public finance. It considers the role governments play in keeping markets stable and analyzes the extent that government interference helps or hinders free-market activities. Public economics doesn't dwell on ideology. Instead, it focuses on analytical and scientific analysis, providing us with a level-headed picture of the effects of things like tax policy, public expenditures, and fiscal policy.

Learn about Public Economics

Policy analysis from the standpoint of economics helps governments and institutions understand the effects of government involvement in the markets. From healthcare to labor supply, government policies can have a profound impact on public health and social welfare. edX offers courses designed in partnership with leading thinkers and institutions in the field. Experts deliver courses to students from all over the world. You can participate on your own schedule and learn for free from some of the best and brightest. If you need official credit, courses and program tracks also provide documentation for affordable fees.

Public Economics Courses and Certifications

Harvard University offers a course on public economics, U.S. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies. Students will take part in economic studies from the standpoint of policy and learn how the nature of fiscal policy has changed throughout the country's development. Students can also understand the structure of the U.S. tax system and different theories on regulatory policy. Other courses include Wageningen's micro-masters program, Economics and Policies for a Circular Economy, and a series of courses from the International Monetary Fund concerning public finance and public debt management.

Explore Careers in Public Economics

The study of how governmental regulations and involvement affects public sector economics is a fascinating field. The trade-off between different levels of participation requires in-depth, critical analysis so that citizens can live in a thriving, safe economy without burdensome interference. You could lead the way with new research and policy analysis that allows the country to move forward, addressing new changes in economics as the world evolves. Our understanding of government and economics must develop as well, allowing the two sectors to work together for the common good. EdX and its partners can provide a path for you to begin.