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From responding to the contamination of a water supply to preparing for global health pandemics, public health experts play an important role in keeping communities safe. Learn more about this field with online courses offered through edX.

What is public health?

The public health field is focused on protecting and improving the health and well-being of people and communities. Public health experts work to prevent the spread of disease, address environmental and man-made hazards, and promote healthy behaviors among local, national, and international populations. Their guidance can ultimately help save lives. 

Everything from climate change to an increase in the rates of diabetes to gun violence can all be addressed from a public health lens. As a result, public health professionals often work with physicians, scientific researchers, government officials, community leaders, and others to effectively implement public health initiatives and campaigns that safeguard communities. These initiatives may happen on a global, national, or local scale depending on the nature of the challenge. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the international organization that works with the United Nations to promote public health policy across the globe.

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Public health courses and certifications

Learners have the option of pursuing online coursework in various disciplines under the umbrella of public health, including but not limited to global public health, vaccines, drug misuse and addictions, epidemics, health care administration, and more. From tutorials to advanced courses, a variety of educational opportunities are available that can fit different learners’ needs, depending on their desired time commitment and schedule. edX makes it easy to explore all available boot camp, certificate, and degree options.

Careers in public health

Because of the vast number of health challenges that affect communities across the globe, public health professionals can find themselves working in many different fields on a variety of different topics. Experts may be tapped to help develop campaigns for the promotion of life-saving vaccines, they may work with school systems to create guidelines for how to respond to mental health issues among students, or they may work to develop policy and inform legislation related to unsafe working conditions in specific settings. 

A career in public health can take a professional down many different paths. Start your journey today with edX.

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