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PyTorch Courses

What Is PyTorch?

PyTorch is an open source machine learning library that provides both tensor computation and deep neural networks. It was created by Facebook's artificial intelligence research group and is used primarily to run deep learning frameworks. It provides developers maximum speed through the use of GPUs. It replaces programs such as NumPy and supports the creation of dynamic computation graphs (DCG) rather than TensorFlow's static computation graph. It's a robust programming tool for building deep neural networks and processing greater amounts of data more efficiently.

Learn PyTorch

As businesses use more big data for critical insights, working within deep learning frameworks could be an essential part of your data science career. maintains all open source code with documentation through GitHub, and the entire system remains open source. It's entirely based on Python, a popular programming language for natural language processing. It allows you to build those deep learning models easily and practice automatic differentiation and real-time code testing. While TensorFlow is still the industry standard, the dynamic nature of PyTorch is gaining traction.

PyTorch Courses

IBM's professional certification course series in deep learning, offered in partnership with, can give you a comprehensive understanding of the principles of deep learning and how PyTorch can accomplish your organization's goals. You'll gain experience with popular deep learning libraries, including Keras and TensorFlow in addition to PyTorch. The course series will lead you through building, training, and deploying several common deep learning models including convolutional networks and recurrent networks. One entire course is dedicated to the fundamentals of Python and PyTorch in deploying this deep learning architecture.

Launch a Career in AI with PyTorch

Organizations are scrambling to adopt tech initiatives to stay competitive and relevant. You can help lead your organization through the successful deployment of those tech initiatives with a thorough understanding of the libraries that make deep learning possible. Broad expertise with different deep learning libraries - not only PyTorch but TensorFlow - could position you ahead of your competition and launch a rewarding career in the AI sector. Your knowledge and expertise can deliver real value to your organization, helping predict events and give your organization a competitive edge. Use PyTorch to deploy critical deep learning models for making better predictions, delivering richer insights, and taking advantage of big data for the first time in human history. You're a critical part of the future of business and research. Help answer humanity's persistent questions and ignite your career.