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Railway Engineering Courses

Take free online railway engineering courses on edX today!

learn railway engineering

learn railway engineering

What is railway engineering?

Railroad engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering field dedicated to building better, faster, more efficient rail systems. The railroad industry uses these special engineers to care for and plan railway systems that can transport goods and people. 

The discipline combines a number of engineering disciplines—electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and even computer engineering. They plan and deploy rail projects with specialized knowledge and help the transportation engineering world expand and maintain what's already built.

Train control is part of a larger field of transportation engineering. The infrastructure of travel and transportation is a large part of creating a logical and practical civil infrastructure. 

Learn about railway engineering

​Whether you've always had a fascination with trains or you're exploring future careers, the edX platform can provide the foundational knowledge you need. Courses are designed in partnership with leading thinkers and innovators in the field, allowing students from all over the world to learn and explore.

Students can explore the rail industry and understand how it affected the landscape of North America. Courses are free for students who are exploring or learning for fun, but official credit and degree tracks are available for a fee.

Railway Engineering Courses 

DelftX offers a course, Railway Engineering: An Integral Approach, for students exploring the basics of rail engineering. Students study how rail transport evolved over time and what railway engineers can do to make rail travel and transport safer and more effective.

Students who want to explore rail transit in the context of wider transportation can participate in the World Bank Group's eLearning course on Appraising the Wider Benefits of Transport Corridor Investments. Students will learn about successes and challenges within the larger transportation infrastructure.

Explore a Career in Railway Engineering

​Whether trains offer a fascination for you, you're exploring new hobbies, or thinking about a new career, courses in railway engineering could open doors. Engineering professionals have a lot of responsibilities but could contribute to better infrastructure for North America and beyond.

The era of the railway rose over 100 years ago, but its far-reaching influence is still felt. You could have a thriving career maintaining and building the railway, planning future infrastructure, and leading the way into a new era for the rail. You could also learn fascinating facts about railroad engineering to stoke your interest for a long time. Either way, the courses from edX can help light that fire.