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Learn about religion with online courses and programs

Engage thoughtfully with diverse belief systems and develop a deeper understanding of the values and perspectives that shape human behavior. Learn more about religion with edX.

What is religion?

Religion is a complex and deeply rooted system of beliefs, rituals, and moral codes that connect individuals and communities to a higher power, the divine, or a transcendent reality. It often encompasses explanations about the origin of the universe, the purpose of life, and the nature of human existence. Different religions can vary widely in their teachings, cultural expressions, and traditions. They also play a significant role in shaping societies. 

Religion offers a unique lens through which to explore the diverse expressions of human spirituality and the ways in which people make sense of their existence. It provides insights into the rich tapestry of cultural and historical narratives, shedding light on the origins of civilizations, art, literature, and societal norms.

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Religion course curriculum

Learners studying religion will explore a wide range of topics that delve into the beliefs, practices, history, and impact of various religious traditions around the world. A course may cover topics such as:

  • Beliefs, practices, and historical contexts of major world religions

  • Myths, stories, and scriptures that form the foundation of religions

  • Religious rituals, ceremonies, festivals, and practices

  • The relationship between religion and social structures

Start building the knowledge you need to work in the field of religion with edX. From accelerated boot camps to comprehensive programs that allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree or (for more advanced learners) a master’s degree, there are many different learning formats available to fit your needs. You can also explore executive education courses specifically designed for busy professionals. Find the right course for you.

Explore jobs related to religion

A range of careers involve understanding religion, whether through promoting intercultural understanding, working in education, or leading others on a faith journey. Some potential career paths for individuals who learn about religion could include:

  • Religious educator: Teach religious studies at schools, colleges, or universities, inspiring students to explore the complexities of different faith traditions.

  • Clergy or religious leader: Serve as a minister, priest, rabbi, imam, or spiritual leader within a specific religious community, guiding members in their faith journey.

  • Chaplain: Provide spiritual and emotional support in various settings such as hospitals, the military, correctional facilities, and universities.

  • Religious counselor: Offer counseling services that integrate spiritual perspectives to help individuals navigate personal and psychological challenges.

Each of these roles will have different education and skills requirements. Some employers may seek candidates with a degree in religious studies depending on the role. Before deciding on a specific learning path, research the positions you hope to pursue and align your coursework with your career goals.

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