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Religion Courses

Study the role and impact of religion on society and culture with free online classes in religion from Harvard, UBC, and other top institutions. Explore the origins of religion and spirituality and learn about major world religions.

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What is Religion?

Religion is an expansive term that encompasses all different spiritual, transcendental, and faith-based systems of belief, and their attendant rituals, traditions, values, and customs. “What is religion?” becomes a complicated question precisely because the practice of faith around the world is expressed so diversely.

Employing a combination of anthropology, psychology, history, and sociology, the study of world religions makes for an exciting field. Whether it’s studying the tenets of Islam, Roman Religion, Chinese Religion, Jewish Religion, or Christian Religion, religion scholars seek to understand the origin, function, and purpose of different religions and religious practices throughout history.

A degree in religion can lead down many exciting career paths and offers the opportunity to better understand other people, places and cultures.

Courses in Religion

Religion studies interacts with a vast array of subject areas, making it a rich and rewarding field. There is an abundance of online course options available for students of all backgrounds interested in the study of Religion.

Ever wonder why, despite ideals of religious freedom and religious tolerance, different religious groups and religions of the world are so often led into conflict? Consider taking Harvard’s introductory course Religion, Conflict, and Peace, where you’ll explore the role religions have played throughout history fostering violence, and what roles they have played in promoting peace.

If you’re more interested in the relationship between religion and culture, you can also take the thought-provoking Rice University course, Religion and Hip Hop Culture, which explores Hip Hop’s religious dimensions through its musical language and symbolism.

Jobs in Religion

Like many humanities degrees, the study of religion can prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities, teaching highly transferable skills including comparative analysis, strong reading and writing skills, and critical thinking skills. A degree in religion is not limited to the pursuit of a religious career. Religious Studies majors go on to successful careers in the worlds of academia, law, government, and advocacy, among other exciting fields.

Of these positions: there are more than 22,000 jobs listed for attorneys on Indeed; over a third of which start above $75,000 a year. The site also lists over 94,000 open jobs for Social Workers, more than 18,000 of which start at salaries of $60,000 or more. There are 9,000 Social Justice opportunities on Indeed as well as 2,500 for Political Analysts. The skills gained in Religious Studies can help a student down the path to any of these careers.

Career in Religion

The study of Religion offers a glimpse into the diversity of the human experience, and encourages interdisciplinary thinking. It also offers flexibility as a major and can lead to a career in a wide range of fields. Consider taking a Religion course today and open up a world of possibilities.