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Retail Courses

Learn how to be successful in retail with online college classes from top universities and institutions.

learn retail

learn retail

What Is Retail Management?

You may think traditional retail is dead due to the rise of e-commerce, but you'd be wrong. Retail is alive and well, and retail management must evolve to account for both online and traditional retail markets. Retail is a multi-trillion dollar industry, and retail operations need advanced leadership skills. Understanding the retail industry involves managing the supply chain, using human resources to drive sales to both online and brick and mortar retail stores, and understanding the underlying causes of both profit and loss. The goal? Better sales.

What Do Retail Managers Do?

Retail managers are business experts to an extent. They analyze customer trends, supply chain fundamentals, and operations management to better understand why customers are satisfied or dissatisfied. They use this information to make critical decisions about retail strategy. It's more than just brick and mortar stores. Understanding internet marketing and social media helps retail managers make better decisions for customer needs and increase overall customer satisfaction in a measurable way.

Learn Retail Management

Retail management strategies could include everything from analyzing past business performance to effective communication strategies. You find out what makes successful teams and everything that happens on the sales floor. You use your knowledge of retail operations in your decision making so that your retail business experiences targeted growth and expansion. Courses in Retail Management often include business administration, supply chain management, and customer service. Many are self-paced and teach you to understand long view aspects like demand forecasting or short term decisions such as pricing.

Retail Course and Certifications

Courses from the world's top universities can give you an overview of this competitive, yet lucrative field. Dartmouth will give you an overview of Retail Management basics. Once you've satisfied those requirements, you can move on to Dartmouth's training in Omnichannel Strategy and Management. Since your customers are interacting with your business across a variety of channels including both social media and traditional outlets, learning how to fulfill customers' needs and improve their journeys may require revamping your entire model. These courses help you do that.

Explore a Career in Retail Management

Whether a business is considering a new store or looking into product development, Retail Managers are an integral piece of the equation. Mastering Retail Management through professional development courses and certifications provides you with the skills necessary to find your place in this multi-trillion dollar industry.