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Safety Courses

Take free online safety courses. Learn about public health, safety and other important subjects with courses on edX.

learn safety

learn safety


Health and safety includes the study of personal and public health, safety and wellbeing. Social work, food safety, humanitarian aid, nutrition, first aid, health policy, workplace safety and disaster response all fall under the realm of health and safety.

Online Safety Training Courses and Programs

Online health and safety training courses are available from major universities and institutions around the world. Learn about global health from Harvard University, social work from the University of Michigan and food safety from Wageningen University. Take online courses about the science of yoga, learn how to perform first aid life support and understand why exercise is important for staying healthy. Safety and health are paramount in the workplace and occupational safety and health courses can help managers and employees avoid risks and improve productivity. Enroll now in free online courses from top universities and start learning today.