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Self Improvement Courses

Take free online self improvement courses. Learn about self improvement from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn self improvement

learn self improvement

What is Self Improvement?

For some, it's a cliche, but self-help has gone through an evolution. Personal development builds new skills in health, wellness, mental health, and a host of other areas designed to help you live your absolute best life. There are many skills involved in personal growth. Some are for your own edification, and some allow you to help others, but all of them give you new skills for resilience and navigating through life. You can always learn new skills to add to your toolkit for living through life and maintaining your health and well-being.

Learn about Self Improvement

While some skills are self-explanatory, there are always things you can learn based on the latest research into our minds, bodies, and social lives. Science has come a long way in figuring out how to improve wellbeing, but sometimes we may need more training than just experience. For example, those navigating through grief could be told just to move-on without knowing how to do that. Someone who wants to build good habits may be trying to work with research and disproven myths from generations ago. Self-awareness helps you become a better person, but what does self-awareness even mean? All these things may require more than just a casual google search.

Self-Improvement Courses and Certifications has courses in just about every possible avenue of self-improvement you could wish for. You can improve communication skills with a professional certification series from Fullbridge or study Italian language and culture with Wellesley. You could explore Agile Leadership with USM or build skills in digital leadership with BU. You can take courses in novel writing (UBC) or learn more about what behavioral medicine says about building good habits for daily life with Karolinska. If it's meditation to stay in the present moment, productivity habits to stop wasting time on procrastination, or getting out of your comfort zone, edX has courses from leaders in the field.

Improve Your Well-being with Self-Improvement

Self-improvement can be simple steps to a new habit or improving your to-do list. It can be launching a new initiative for a better life or learning about setting goals for financial stability. Whatever avenue your self-improvement takes you, there are trainings and courses to help you achieve your goals. Self-improvement has evolved and is something many of us spend a lifetime chasing. Build your skills and improve your well-being with these courses and find out how your life can take a turn for the better.