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Six Sigma Courses

Take online classes and courses in Six Sigma to start or advance your career. Get professional training to master Six Sigma, lean production, project management and more.

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a system for process improvement that focuses on eliminating problems or defects. Process changes are based on the results of data analysis and seek to achieve measurable quality and financial improvements. Six Sigma certification levels use martial arts terminology and each have defined roles within an organization. For example, Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification means that this person is new to the world of Six Sigma and has a small role, interest, or need to develop foundational knowledge while Six Sigma Black Belt Certification means that this person is qualified to lead individual Six Sigma project execution.

Why Learn Six Sigma?

Learning Six Sigma ensures that you develop important, advanced analytical and processing skills with are very relevant to leadership positions. Six Sigma certificate holders are some of the most respected professionals in their respective fields. Learning Six Sigma holds a lot of value as it is a great way to improve your capabilities. It also ensures career advancement, competitive salaries, and allows you to stand out over your competitors.

Online Six Sigma Courses and Programs

Learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma including how to statistically analyze process data and propose improvements and changes to process. Understand the DMAIC process cycle and learn how to apply lean manufacturing techniques to improve efficiency and productivity and reduce costs. Courses are available from the Technical University of Munich School of Management and include an option to earn a TUM Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification. The professional program provides Lean Six Sigma training including methodology for analyzing production processes. Learn Lean Management tools and techniques to motivate employees and improve quality. The Technical University of Munich School of Management also provides a program, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, where you will learn to many sigma tools, apply Lean Six Sigma fundamentals in an individual, standardized project, apply the qualitative and quantitative tools of Lean Six Sigma, understand the logic and methodology of Six Sigma and the principles of Lean Management, and much more. The program is reinforced with practice and test questions and provides real depth on how these tools are applied in industry, using case studies and real examples from participants.

Jobs Requiring Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma certification and experience is either required or strongly encouraged in job postings for a long list of management positions related to production, operations, business analytics and more. A recent search on listed over 17,000 postings that included knowledge of Six Sigma principles in their job requirements. Hiring companies include major manufacturers such as General Electric, 3M, Johnson & Johnson and Corning. Adding Six Sigma certification to your other Lean Management, change management and project management skills and certifications can significantly improve your resume when applying for jobs.

Explore a Career in Project Management with Six Sigma

Working in project management can require a number of certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM). Employers very often list Six Sigma certification along with PMP and others. If you are working toward a job or career in project management or a related field, gaining skills and experience with Six Sigma methodologies is essential. Enroll in one of the introductory courses and gain the knowledge and skills you need to excel.