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Social Welfare Courses

Learn about social welfare with a variety of online courses and lessons from some of the world's leading universities.

learn social welfare

learn social welfare

What is Social Welfare?

Social welfare covers a wide variety of initiatives and activities designed to help needy individuals. Individuals, nonprofit groups, and even governmental agencies provide social welfare programs to cover things like healthcare and human services. 

Social work has a long history dedicated to bringing up the living standards of all people, and the United States provides many types of these social services. Where the government doesn't or isn't able to help, private groups and nonprofits may step into the gap to ensure that wellbeing is a priority.

From child care to unemployment assistance programs, social welfare helps provide resources for anyone who needs them. Different eligibility requirements will determine who can receive benefits, but there's a good chance that many people may be eligible for services at some point in their lives.

Learn about Social Welfare offers online courses designed by leading researchers and institutions in the field. You'll be able to explore the ways the United States and the world deliver social welfare programs as well as the philosophy driving each type of initiative. Join a global cohort of students to explore your curiosity for free.

You can also participate for official credit or certification for a fee. This investment can go towards a change in career, professional development, or to jumpstart your professional life. Explore what skills you can build through the site.

Social Welfare Courses and Certifications

You'll be able to study many aspects of social welfare through the edX platform. Understand the complex nature of child welfare with PennX's Creating an Effective Child Welfare System. You'll learn how societies can create a realistic and effective program to meet dependent children's needs and provide various levels of care, from financial support to health and nutrition programs.

​You can learn about general social welfare with MichiganX's Social Welfare Policy and Services. This course explores the role of public service in addressing social problems and how such programs can elevate the living status for various communities. From things like temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) to public health offerings like Medicare and Medicaid, students will have a broad foundation of how these programs improve quality of life.

Other programs explore concepts of restorative justice, US public and foreign policy in terms of social welfare, sustainable agriculture and water management, and a host of other issues and concepts that filter into the overall wellbeing of all citizens. 

Pursue a Future in Social Welfare

The local community is a starting place for social and welfare services. Still, the question extends to society's broader aspects, including nationwide initiatives like the Social Security Act and private initiatives like unemployment insurance. With, you can be part of the social policy conversation with a well-rounded foundation in the concepts and history of social welfare and make a difference with local government decision making to federal government policy.