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Soil Courses

Take free online soil courses to understand the causes and impact of farming. Learn about soil and study the effects of farming on the earth today.

learn soil

learn soil

The Importance of Soil

Everything that we grow or build relies on the quality of the soil for success. Organic matter in the soil supports plant growth. Topsoil helps ensure that our landscapes don't wash away. Soil organisms provide us with vital nutrients, and soil profiles inform land use.

The foundations of our lives lie within the health of the soil, so ecosystem services are a must for developing the soil safely while helping ensure that our earth remains viable for future generations.

Soil formation is greatly affected by climate change, and as a natural resource, the soil structure is a vital interest to researchers and developers. As environmental factors continue to shape the land surface, we are racing to understand how to adapt and survive.

Learn About Soil

Whether you're a hobby gardener or in a profession that makes use of the soil, has a variety of courses designed to teach you all the fundamentals of soil. The courses are designed and executed in partnership with leaders in the field and designed to be completed on your own time.

You can participate with students from around the world and on your own schedule. Courses are available for free or for official credit for affordable fees. There are certifications and professional tracks as well.

Soil Courses and Programs

Wageningen has a course on Sustainable Soil Management, designed to introduce the fundamentals of soil types and soil particles as well as help you manage soil degradation. You'll understand soil classification and learn to build fertile soil for a variety of uses.

SDGAcademy offers a course on Sustainable Food Systems. You'll study the plant life and surface of the earth as well as factors like soil erosion and desertification. You can explore what it takes to build sustainable systems for a new world of growing population and increasingly unpredictable climates.

Explore the Future of Our Soil

Soil health and soil quality will determine how our future civilizations are built. Everyone from the United Nations to the U.S. Department of Agriculture is interested in creating a secure future for the people of earth, and that future depends on the smallest soil particles.

Organic material can improve the soil, and soil can improve our lives. EdX courses give you the chance to study these small particles and apply your knowledge to the larger picture. You can begin your career or study for your own pleasure with any resource you need at your fingertips.