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Steel Courses

Learn about Steel and the Importance of Steel with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!

learn steel

learn steel

The History of Steel

Steel production signified a huge leap in human technological evolution, and although it's been thousands of years since that time, steel still plays an integral part of human life. Steel products make up a large part of original manufacturing materials. The steel industry supplies the things we need to make everything from coffee pots and car parts to massive structures that allow us to conquer the environment.

The steelmaking process comprises adding a carbon content to iron to make an alloy that's much stronger than traditional iron. Once the possibility of mass-producing steel was possible, it became a staple of industry.

Learn about steel

If you're curious about the role steel plays in nearly every part of our lives, offers courses on this interesting metal alloy. They're designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field and can happen on your own time. Join a global cohort of students who share your interests and explore what edX has to offer.

You can also invest in certified courses that provide official verification. You can use these for professional development or start your higher education journey. They're accessible, and you can get started when you're ready.

Steel Courses and Certifications

You can find out the history of steel with Tenaris University's Introduction to Steel. This course teaches you all about the alloying process, as well as the origins of steel as an alloy of iron. The course is lively, and you'll leave with an understanding of the properties of steel (corrosion, melting point, and modern steel applications) as well as the metallurgy process itself.

You can study modern steel within a broader context with Structural Materials: Selection and Economics. You'll explore multiple aspects of structural engineering and how steel fits into this science and design field.

Satisfy your curiosity about steel's chemical composition, find out about the different types of steel, and learn about modern steel alloys, including those made with vanadium. From raw materials to intermediate products like pig iron to modern alloy steels used in space ships, steel has a long and fascinating history.

The Future of Steel

We use stainless steel (often with chromium) for silverware and medical equipment. Vanadium helps protect steel destined for outer space from corrosion. Manganese or Hadfield steel has manufacturing applications, and molybdenum makes steel virtually indestructible. This is a long way from the iron ore of yesterday. Following Henry Bessemer's manufacturing breakthrough, steel can be found almost anywhere.

edX will provide foundational knowledge of this metal and its production methods. You'll study the principles and components of different types of steel and apply that knowledge to your everyday life. It's time to expand your horizons with edX.