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Learn storytelling with online courses and programs

Storytelling is a powerful tool for communicating ideas, connecting with others, and inspiring change. It is useful in various contexts, from business to education to personal relationships. Learn storytelling with online courses delivered through edX.

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is a fundamental part of human culture. People have been telling stories for centuries to pass down knowledge, entertain the masses, and connect with each other. Storytelling is still just as important in today’s world. What can storytelling do? 

  • Help us understand each other: It builds knowledge and relationships by teaching us about different cultures, historical events, and scientific concepts. 

  • Spark our imaginations: It can take us to new worlds and introduce us to new characters, making us laugh, cry, and think.

  • Motivate us to take action: It can inspire us to act by informing us about what's possible. Storytelling can give us the courage to follow our dreams.

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Storytelling course curriculum

Storytelling fits into a wide range of disciplines. Whether you're building a podcast to deliver the news or reading about history in an educational setting, good storytelling can help bring lessons to life. Stories can create memorable experiences and even build a connection between businesses and their customers. edX offers innovative courses in a variety of storytelling methods.

An introductory course in storytelling might cover the following topics:

  • The elements of a story: What makes a good story? What are the essential elements of a story?

  • The different types of stories: There are many different types of stories, including myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, and personal narratives.

  • The art of storytelling: How do you tell a story effectively? How do you engage your audience, create suspense, and build to a climax?

  • The power of storytelling: How can storytelling be used to entertain, educate, and inspire?

Once you understand the basics, you may move to more advanced courses in storytelling that can cover specialized topics, such as:

  • Storytelling for business: How can you use storytelling to market your products or services, motivate your employees, and build relationships with your customers?

  • Storytelling for social change: How do you use storytelling to raise awareness of important issues and motivate people to take action?

  • Storytelling for personal growth: How can storytelling help you understand your own experiences and connect with others on a deeper level?

edX offers courses designed to improve your storytelling skills. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of storytelling to advanced techniques for incorporating data in your storytelling. For learners considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree and who may later advance to a master’s degree, storytelling classes can help you build critical communication skills that can help you throughout your programs. From accelerated boot camps that provide flexible training options to executive education courses designed for busy professionals, edX offers a variety of learning formats to fit your needs.

Jobs that use storytelling

Storytelling can be used in various professional settings, including in roles not often associated with writing. While journalists, communications officers, and authors may require storytelling expertise, other career fields can benefit from masterful storytelling. Industries in which strong storytelling skills can be beneficial include:

  • Marketing: Connect with customers on a deeper level and drive sales.

  • Social justice and politics: Raise awareness of important issues and motivate people to take action.

  • Education: Teach people about different cultures, historical events, and scientific concepts.

  • Human resources: Foster connections among employees.

  • Law: Make arguments to persuade judges and juries.

Whether you are a learner who is just starting out, a professional interested in a career change, or an executive seeking to refine your skills, the ability to craft a compelling narrative in order to emphasize the messages you want to deliver can make an important difference in any field that you enter. 

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