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Why is Storytelling Important?

Storytelling may seem like a children's activity, but in reality, storytelling forms the basis of thousands of years of human culture. It's a vital part of things like content marketing and can pass down the knowledge of generations past through folktales. Effective storytelling drives our marketing initiatives, helps reveal news stories, and connects us to each other. Our real-life experiences often distill into a good story, providing lessons and encouragement for others. Learning to tell a compelling story is a soft skill that's in high demand for businesses and organizations. It requires an understanding of human nature and the spoken and written skills to capture the essence of the story itself. Whether you're interested in learning about stories for pleasure or you need to level up your professional skills, storytelling is a powerful place to start.

Learn Storytelling

Storytelling fits into a wide range of disciplines. Whether you're building a podcast for social change or reading fairy tales to your children, good storytelling can help bring characters and lessons to life. They create memorable experiences and build a connection between businesses and their customers. offers innovative courses in a variety of storytelling methods. Courses are developed in partnership with leaders in the field, including both teachers and institutions with a vested interest in telling good stories. You can learn from the comfort of your home or office and develop your skills on your own time.

Storytelling Courses and Certifications

edX offers a wide variety of courses designed to introduce the power of storytelling. You can participate in Microsoft's course, Analytics Storytelling for Impact, which introduces you to the fundamentals of storytelling for data science. On the opposite end, you can take Michigan's Storytelling for Social Change, a course designed to introduce you to the art of storytelling and transforming your own stories for social good. UBC offers a course on structuring a novel, teaching you to design great storytelling through the written word. RIT includes storytelling in its course on workplace soft skills, where you'll use storytelling to develop relationships and help offer insights for the business.

Enhancing a Career with Storytelling

Once upon a time, the art of storytelling was used to connect us together. Today, those soft skills are still in demand with businesses on social media, organizations looking to connect to their email lists, and even influencers trying to make a difference for their nonprofits. It's a powerful tool for change, and the right use of the art form can offer a tremendous impact.