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Take free online strategic management courses from top schools and institutions like IIMB, Curtin and Thunderbird. Learn strategic brand management and how to grow your business in a competitive environment.

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What is Strategic Management?

Business organizations and resources define strategic management as the management of resources within an organization to help it achieve its strategic objectives. The strategic planning process and strategic planning models can vary from organization to organization, but regardless of the approach, strategic thinking is vital to any thriving company.

In this context, some might ask the questions, ‘what is strategy?’ or ‘exactly what is strategic planning?’

The strategic planning process involves setting objectives, competitive analysis, assessing the internal organization, evaluating strategies, and taking steps to ensure that the right management structure is in place and corporate management can effectively roll out the approved strategies.

Proper strategic management requires personnel to identify competitive threats and recognize opportunities wherever they may be. If the company or organization needs to pivot to remain competitive, a change management strategy comes into play.

Executives in Strategic Management roles are responsible for ensuring that their companies are operating effectively and positioning themselves best for success in their particular marketplaces. As such, those who excel in this area possess a wide range of skills. They often have a certain amount of business training, are adept at analysis and market research, and are talented communicators.

Online Courses in Strategic Management

A variety of online courses are available in Strategic Management. As part of its MicroMasters program on Business Management Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore offers Strategic Management – a course that teaches how managers and CEOs develop business strategies.

The RWTH Aachen University offers Strategic Management: From Intuition to Insight, which instructs learners in ways to design effective strategy processes, analyze shifting industry structures and develop new capabilities in times of industry transition.

Wharton Business School offers instruction on how to develop strategies for gaining competitive advantage with its course, Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage.

Jobs in Strategic Management

The job site Indeed lists more than 86,000 jobs related to Strategic Planning. Of those, more than 14,000 offer starting salaries above $110,000. In addition, there are around 16,000 open positions for Strategic Management Specialists. There are more than 30,000 opportunities for those qualified for Strategy Analyst roles. More than 15,000 of these pay over $85,000 a year.

Explore a career in Strategic Management

The right strategy is a make-or-break necessity for every business. Each company and organization needs knowledgeable strategists at the help to guide their processes. Get started today on online college courses to help prepare for this exciting and demanding field.