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Swift Courses

Take free online Swift courses to build your mobile development skills and advance your career. Learn Swift from top institutions around the world on edX. Using Swift on popular platforms like iPhones, iPads, and iTunes all using the macOs will be critical in today's age. Enroll today to expand your iOS development skills on edX now!

What Is Swift?

Swift is an open source OS based programming language developed by Chris Lattner. It's a compiled programming language intended to work quickly and build dynamic projects in record time. It was heavily influenced by the real world language of Ruby and designed as a beginner friendly entry into the world of programming. Swift uses simpler syntax designed to replace Objective-C's idiosyncrasies. It reads a lot like high-level English, making it easier to spot mistakes and Apple Inc developers intend it to replace all C-based programming languages. It's more restrictive but leads to fewer undefined areas that can cause potential security hazards later on. It's one of the most popular languages on Github and now has resources dedicated to answering questions and documenting this relatively new language. The swift community is growing, and Swift language is now a critical skill if you want to get into IOS app development and build native OS apps. It's compatible with Apple's XCode IDE.

Learn Swift

App developers need fluency in the Swift programming language to make integration with Apple's system easier. Becoming an iOS developer for the app store can be a great intro in building products for iOS devices. Swift projects are a lucrative side hustle and a full-time job, so developing your skills are a critical part of building those native projects. It's quickly overtaking Objective-C Code, fixing what C-based languages get wrong and making it easier for developers to spot inconsistencies and undefined fields that could be ripe for abuse.

Swift Courses

EdX in partnership with HarvardX offers a course in building your first native iOS app from scratch. You'll learn Swift code and how to use features such as the Swift compiler or optional chaining. You'll gain an understanding of the new features of the new Swift (Swift 5) iterations as well as legacy code from Swift 4. The standard library allows you to build clean code and reduce bulk.

Build a Career with Swift

Developers familiar with the Swift programming language stand to make excellent salaries as mobile apps for iOS continue to grow. Swift is consistently ranked in the top ten must-have developer languages and as Swift-evolution continues to house high-level innovation, learning Swift could be the way to make your name with this year's newest must-have app. Once you've got the basics down, use Swift Playgrounds to build your skills further and get ideas for your next great app. Follow updates to the source code and begin your career journey with Apple.