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Teaching Strategies Courses

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learn teaching strategies

learn teaching strategies

What are Teaching Strategies?

The field of education is full of theoretical ideas about education, but the flip side of this is practical teaching strategies designed to bring learning to life. Teachers must understand learning environments and classroom management to ensure that every student has the greatest access to education. Crafting a student learning experience can be challenging without the right knowledge and training. Teaching strategies are a form of professional development that equips teachers to provide learning strategies and lesson plans for a whole class experience. Teaching strategies are a vital part of your teaching toolkit. Effective teachers know how to harness the learning process of each student and foster a love of learning throughout the entire process. It's essential to understand how teaching strategies can refine your students' learning experiences.

Learn about Teaching Strategies

Whether it's classroom activities or graphic organizers, field trips or class discussions, teaching strategies incorporate different learning styles and offer students the chance to use problem-solving skills to work through any difficulties. Effective teaching requires instructional strategies that consider the learning needs of students. Whether you're exploring teaching as a profession for the first time or you're a seasoned teacher looking for professional development, edX has options for you.

Courses and Certifications for Teaching Strategies

EdX offers courses, certifications, and graduate-level education degrees in partnership with leaders in the field of teaching. You can learn Critical Thinking skills with the Smithsonian or Teaching and Learning in the Diverse World with Cornell. The University of Queensland can direct you in Deep Learning Strategies through Transformative Pedagogy. MIT also offers a course in Competency-Based Education, a curriculum focused on a range of topics in competency-based education. You can also take some niche options such as Effective Teaching Strategies for Biology from Trinity. You can also take a professional certification course in Leading Educational Innovation and Improvement from the University of Michigan. You will learn about how to lead teams and handle new concepts within your teaching environment.

Foster Your Teaching with the Right Strategies

Your students depend on you to build the right learning environment. Teaching strategies are fundamental to your pedagogy, and edX can help build your experience and understanding. You have a responsibility to your students to provide excellent instruction, so let edX help you build your teaching toolkit. The courses are some of the most cutting edge understanding of education, and you can take part without having to quit your job or leave the comfort of your home. They're easy to get started and can launch your career in the field of education.